Parasit Final 2

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IMPORTANT THINGS IN GENERAL YOU SHOULD KNOWknow how to ID a flea vs a lice vs a bedbug. Know how to spell our parasit godesses' name: PINCKNEY
HOW DO YOU TELL CHEWING VS SUCKING LICE APART?differentiate by comparing width of head to body. CHEWING has a BROAD head (need room for all those chewing parts), SUCKING has a narrow head
do lice have host preference or specificity?SPECIFICITY!
what kinda lice do birds get?ONLY GET CHEWING LICE (has your mother ever told you to suck your chicken? no. You chew it.)
what is the host(s) for Damalinia?horse, cattle, sheep, goat
how can you differentiate Damalinia?looks similar to trichodectes. Has dark segments. Mostly tell based on WHO it is on (host specific) (damialina is a lady who owns farm animals--> horse, goat, sheep, cattle) (damalina is a trick, and the solo line is also confusing)
what kinda lice do dogs have? cattle? cats? birds?DOGS- chewing and sucking. Cattle- chewing and sucking. Cat- only chewing (and only felicola). Birds- only chewing
what is the host(s) for Trichodectes?DOGS (dogs can do trichs)
humans have what kinda lice?only sucking (humans suck)
Trichodectes is IH for?Dipylidium caninum (tapeworm)
what is the host(s) for Felicola?CATS
how can you differentiate Felicola?Differentiate by pointed mandible
what are the CHEWING LICE?damalinia(cattle/horse/sheep/goat), trichodectes(dogs), felicola(cats) (pixies song damalina is about a catty trich named damalina)
Haematopinus--> how can you differentiate?All tarsal claws of EQUAL SIZE! (pines all in a row, equal size, almost christmas)
what are the hosts for haematopinus?pig, cattle, horses (pine trees like to watch horses CP)
Linognathus--> how can you differentiate?1st tarsal claws smaller than 2nd and 3rd. ALSO abdominal spiracles not heavily sclerotized and don't protrude (solenopotes do protrude). ALSO >1 row setae per segment (solenoptes is only 1 per seg) (streamLINed because no protruding spiracles, and also smaller in the front, and not as many setae to create drag)
Linognathus--> host(s)?DOG, SHEEP, GOATS and cattle (host may help to differentiate w/ Solenoptes) ((stream LINed means optimizing, means MORE HOSTS! horses and pigs arent allowed in the line tho)
Solenopotes--> hosts?ONLY CATTLE (helps to dx, since looks similar to linognathus but lino infects cattle AND dog, sheep, goat) (soleno goes solo with the cow, yo)
Solenopotes--> how do you differentiate?in general, has 1st pair tarsal claws smaller than 2nd and third. Spiracles protrude above abdomen (linognathus' dont protrude). One row setae per segment (linognathus is >1)
what are the SUCKING LICE?haematopinus, linognathus, solenopotes (suck a line of pine-sole)
(what are the 4 cattle lice?)(not sure if she cares about these...) chewing louse (Damalinia bovis), short-nosed louse (Haematopinus eurysternus), long-nosed louse (Linognathus vituli), little blue louse (Solenopotes capillatus)
Pthirus--> host? how to differentiate?(pubis) HUMANS! looks like a crab, with large claws
Pthirus--> clinical signs?(pubic. human crabs) Pruritis, dermatitis, discolored skin (im pthirus, you gave it to me, i didnt give it to you)
Pediculus---> two species of this? host?on HUMANS-> capitis and humanus (you got lice? that;s pediculus!)
where would you find pediculus capitis? looks like?on a person, HEAD LOUSE. on ears and nape of neck. Tarsal claws equal, longer bodies than Haematopinus??
where would you find pediculus humanus? looks like?on a person, Not on hair- fibers and seams of clothing--> BATHE, DAMNIT
disease sucking lice cause?anemia (dur)
WHAT IS Pediculosis?lice infestation- winter common (the amount of headlice in shcools is pediculous)
what three major things are lice IHs for?(1) T. canis → tapeworm (2) H. suis → swine pox (3) P. humanus humanus → Rickettsia powazeki = Typhus (how LICE of you to give me a tapeworm covered in pig pox and try typhus it off as a gift)
swine pox xmitted by which lice?haematopinus (only one that does pigs--> pines watch horses cp)

Bed Bugs

Question Answer
what kinda insect is a bedbug? describe the bedbug.a "TRUE BUG". has NO wings (vestigial), three-segmented beaks
what is the family bedbugs belong to?Cimidae (cimmer down, cimidae, we will kill the bedbugs)
what are cimidae's mouthparts like? what do they eat?eat BLOOD! have Switchblade probosci (and three segmented beak)
how resistant are bedbugs? (to death)can survive up to a year without a blood meal
what are the hosts for cimidae?HUMANS, chickens, bats, nesting birds (people, birds, and bats...only one doesnt fly)
what weird study says bedbugs might transmit ___ (i have no idea if this is on test)might transmit T. cruzi


Question Answer
what is the mouth of a pentastome like? is there really five of them?Mouth on anterior end, surrounded by 4 hooks
what are pentastomes aka?AKA Tongue worms and Linguatulids
important to know about pentastomes?ZOONOTIC!!! via nymphs. possibly eggs?
what is the order of the lifecycle?larvae-->nymph-->adult
what is the larval stage of a pentastome called? adult? nymph?Larvae= "mite" it looks like a mite. Adult/nymph= "worm" (are you kidding me)
where do pentastomes like to live?Found in air sacs of birds and lungs of reptiles and nasal turbinates of dogs
Describe the lifecycle of a pentastome in a reptileAdult in respiratory tract reptile (DH)--> Lay embryonated eggs → coughed up and excreted (contains larvae when laid) → pass to environment--> Eggs hatch → larvae in environment--> LARVAE ARE INFECTIVE TO IH (rodent, herbivore- whatever reptile eats!)--> Larvae encyst in internal organ IH → quiescent in nymph stage--> ENCYSTED FULLY DEVELOPED NYMPH INFECTIVE TO DH
which stage of a pentasome is infective to the IH? what is the IH? whats the pentastome do in the IH?the LARVAE (which look like mites) are infective to the IH (larvae were in eggs when laid, hatch and are in environment for IH to be infected with). IH is anything a snake might wanna eat (rodent, herbivore, whatever.) In the IH they encyst in internal organs, waiting to be eaten by a snake
which stage of the pentastome is infective to the DH?the ENCYSTED AND FULLY DEVELOPED NYMPH STAGE (in the viscera of the IH)
what do pentastomes look like?"tongue worm" look like a tongue, the larvae look like mites under scales. have a mouth with 4 hooks.
what would a DH (what two DHs) infected with a pentastome present like?(1) Dog sneezing (2) snake open mouth breathing with "mites" under its scales
what do nymphs look like?C-shaped, can calcify in body over time.

CHECK YO SELF (want the rest? find Kristen's cards)

Question Answer
Sweet itch/horse hypersensitivityculicoides
swift waterSimulium
river blindnessSimulium
HabronemaStomoyxs (stomach worm, can be cutaneous)
fly with ECONOMIC IMPORTANCEHaematobia (toby the fly thinks he just makes the damn economy)
eggs in fresh cow pooHaematobia
modified complex metamorphosis--> who? what is this?Melophagus ovinus/pseudolynchia. larvae retained within abdomen of female, nursing them during development with uterine gland secretions (technically oestrus too i think)
fly with no wingsMelophagus ovinus
Reportable flyCochliomyia, aka primary screwworm
which fly must you be careful about treatment time?hypoderma! need to tx summer or early autumn, otherwise the larvae is in the eso or the epidural space and tx will kill and cause fatal inflammatory process
If you see masal discharge in a sheep, what are you thinking?Oestrus
what is "false gid" and what causes this? in who? when the larvae of oestrus burrow into sheep's sinuses past the cribiform plate and end up in the brain (called false gid bc gid is when there's a tapeworm cyst in the brain)
flies lay eggs around rodent denscuterebra
anemia in squabs might be?Louse fly (pseudolynchia)--> they drink blood from birds!
shearing sheep might control what fly?melophagus! (wingless and spend entire life on host)
who causes flea allergy dermatitis?Ctenocephalides
who is the carrier for fowl pox?Echidnophaga gallinacea
who is the carrier of the plague and tularemia?Xenopsylla
Murine Typhus (rickettsial rash) is carried by who?Ctenocephalides and Xenopsylla
see a chicken with swellings and ulcerations on combs and wattles...what's going on?infection of Echidnophaga gallinacea fleas
only lice on a cat?felicola
sucking lice with tarsal claws all of even size?Haematopinus
sucking lice where 1st tarsal claws smaller than 2nd and 3rd Linognathus OR Solenopotes! Need to diff by host (solen is cattle only, solen's spiracles protrude above abdomen, and solen only has 1 row of setae per segment)
epileptiform-like seizures in a guniea pig is from what?LICE! (however, more important one to note is the mite one.)
swine pox xmitted by which lice?haematopinus
what is the "true bug" we need to know?bedbug
cimex is?bedbug! (cimidae)
dag sneezing with a tonuge looking thing peaking out to say hipentastomes
calcified c-shapes in animals bodynymphs of pentastomes
mites under snake scales--> what are you seeing?actually larvae of pentastomes
looks like a tonguepentastome
What parasites are intermediate host of tapeworms?(Ctenocephalides) C. felis and C. canis(fleas) and Trichodectes canis(lice)