Palate forming and clefting

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What is the main function of the soft palate?Allows for appropriate speech and swallowing.
What is the main function of the hard palate?Physical barrier between the nasal and oral cavity which allows for protection of the nasal airway during swallowing.
Why can't babies with cleft of the hard palate breast feed?Insufficient negative pressure so they can't suck.
What forms the intermaxillary segment?The merging of the two medial nasal prominences.
When does initial fusion of the medial nasal process occur?Around week 6.5 to 7.
When does the secondary palate develop?Around 8 to 9 weeks. (1 week later in females)
What are the palatine shelves?The palatine shelves initially arise from the maxillary prominences and grow downwards.
When does palatal fusion occur and what does it do?From weeks 7 to 10, the secondary palate fuses to close off the oral and nasal cavities.

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What are the proposed mechanisms for medial edge epithelium breakdown?Epithelial mesenchymal transformation (EMT), apoptosis and epithelial migration.
What occurs in cleft palate?Abnormal insertion of the levator and tensor palatine muscles into the posterior margin of the hard palate

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