Paint Examinations

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Question Answer
Paint composed of pigments, binder, and other additives dissolved in a solvent
pigmentsimpart color
bindercements pigment particles together
coatingsolid, protective, or decorative film
Examples of pain evidencehit and run, car break-ins, burglaries (on tools), circumstantial
use gently to pick up painttweezers
used to place paint indruggist fold, glass or plastic vials
electrocoat primerfirst layer on steel body; epoxy-based resins; electroplated; provides protection against corrosion; black to grey in color
primerepoxy modified polyesters or urethanes; smooth out imperfections; highly pigmented (minimizes color contrast with next layer)
basecoatcolorcoat; binder contains acrylic-based polymers
clearcoatunpigmented; improves gloss, durability, and appearance; acrylic or polyurethane
use year, make, and models of carsidentify paint
used to compare back to possible sourcespecific car
paint is usually taken with ____cut90 degrees
can be more informative with _____45 degrees
clear coat, color coat, primer3 coats
clear coat, color coat, primer, primer4 coats
leaves a thicker, uneven layerrepaint