Pain Relief Study Guide

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Acetylsalicylic acidAspirin
What is acetylsalicylic acid?A salicylate
What aspirin treat? Pain, fever, MI
What drug categories does aspirin fall in?Antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, platelet aggregation inhibitor
What does aspirin inhibit? Prostaglandins
How is aspirin administered?Oral, Rectal
How quickly does aspirin act?30 minutes
What is the black box warning (aspirin)?Children under the age of 6 with flu symptoms- Causes Reye’s Syndrome
What is Reye’s Syndrome?Cranial swelling
What are adverse effects(aspirin)? Nephrotoxic; bleeding
What are signs of toxicity(aspirin)?Seizure, tetany
What is a lethal dose for a child? An adult(aspirin)?>4g/ day; 20-25g/ day
In the case of an overdose(aspirin), what should be done?Give PT charcoal or gastric lavage
What are signs of salicylism? Tinnitus (ringing in the ears), dizziness
What are the drug interactions(aspirin)?NSAIDs (Increase bleeding risk, decrease effects of NSAID), Alcohol (Increased toxicity of alcohol), Anticoag (Bleeding), Insulin (Decrease blood sugar)
When should a patient stop taking this before surgery(aspirin)?One week

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What does acetaminophen treat? Pain, fever
What is acetaminophen NOT?An anti-inflammatory
How does acetaminophen work?Interferes with prostaglandins
How is acetaminophen administered?Oral/ Rectal/ IV
What populations is acetaminophen the safest drug for? Children, pregnant women
What’s a major risk with acetaminophen?Overdose concentrations
What are adverse effects(acetaminophen)?Nephrotoxic, hepatotoxic
What is the MAX dose for an adult(acetaminophen)?4g/24hrs (2g/ 24hrs for patients with liver damage
How do you treat an overdose(acetaminophen)?Acetylcysteine (Protects the kidneys), gastric lavage (stomach pumping)
What are drug interactions(acetaminophen)?Alcohol, seizure meds (increases effects of seizure medicine)

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What is ibuprofen? Propionic acid derivative
How does ibuprofen work?Inhibits COX 1 and COX 2
What does ibuprofen treat?Pain, fever, dysmenorrhea
How is ibuprofen administered?Oral/ IV
What are higher doses used for (ibuprofen)? Inflammation
What is a black box warning for ibuprofen?Treatment of periop pain after CABG (Coronary artery bypass graft)
What are adverse effects of ibuprofen?Nephrotoxic, GI bleeding
What labs should be monitored with ibuprofen?PTT, Creatinine, BUN, Potassium, GFR
What is the MAX dose for an adult (ibuprofen)?3200mg/ day
What does ibuprofen do in pregnant women? Patent ductus arteriosus closes and baby doesn’t get oxygen
What are drug interactions(ibuprofen)?Alcohol, anticoags
What should a patient take with this medicine(ibuprofen)?Food

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What is meloxicam?An NSAID
What does meloxicam typically treat?Osteoarthritis/ RA
How is meloxicam administered?Oral
What are the adverse effects of meloxicam? Shortness of breath, hemoptysis (coughing up blood), bronchospasms (Avoid giving this to an asthmatic patient)
What is the black box warning of meloxicam?CV events
What pregnancy category is of meloxicam?C and D
Contraindicated in patients with (meloxicam)?An aspirin allergy
What are the drug interactions of meloxicam?Lithium (Increases lithium level)

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What is indomethacin?Acetic acid derivative
What is indomethacin's therapeutic effects?Strong anti-inflammatory
How does indomethacin work?Inhibits Cox 1 and Cox 2
How is indomethacin administered?Oral/ IV
What does indomethacin treat?RA/ Osteo/ Acute gout attacks
What are the adverse effects of indomethacin?Bleeding, pulmonary hemmorhage (IV only)
What is a contraindication(indomethacin)?GI bleeds, kidney damage
What is a black box warning(indomethacin)?CV thrombotic events
Patients with what allergy shouldn't take indomethacin?Aspirin
What can be taken with this drug to prevent GI upset(indomethacin)?Antacid

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What is celecoxib?Selective Cox 2 inhibitor
How is celecoxib administered?Oral
What does celecoxib treat? jRA, RA, Osteoarthritis, Primary dysmenorrhea
What is a black box warning of celecoxib?CV events (Stroke and heart attack)
What is the half life of celecoxib?11 hours
When is it not used(celecoxib)?Severe renal impairment
What is a contraindication(celecoxib)?Allergy to sulfonamides, NSAIDs, and acetylsalicylic acid