Pain- adjuvents for pain

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Question Answer
lyricapregabalin. periph edema and weight gain. blurred vision and dry mouth.
elavilamitriptyline. anticholinergic SE
savella milnacipran- SNRI for fibromylagia only. constipation, dizzy, insomnia, hot flashes
lidodermlidocaine 5% patches. shingles pain. can cut into smaller pieces before removing backing. do not apply more than 3 patches at a time. apply to affected area 1-3 patches/day for up to 12 hrs/day (12 on 12 off)
zostrix capsaicin. apply 3-4x daily apply thin amount to affected area and rub in until fully absorbed, do not use as needed, long term use required for benefit (takes 2-4 weeks)
methyl salicylate topical OTCSbengay, icy hot, salonpas, contact doc if symptoms persist >7 days. do not apply to broke or damaged skin and do not cover ith tight bandage or apply heat source.