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Christian Shaman
Mrs. Wendland
Honors English 10


Adidas Vs. Nike


TOPIC- Adidas Vs. Nike
EXACT PURPOSE: To convince the audience that Adidas is better than Nike


I. INTRODUCTION (Attention Step)
A. Attention Grabber: Hello everyone, my name is Christian Shaman and I am here to tell you which brand is better between Adidas and Nike. First of all, I want to ask you guys some questions to start. Ok, so does anybody know what brand was created by a guy named Adolf Dassler was a German entrepreneur, no. Ok, well does anybody know what the parent company of brands like Reebok or Rockport is? No. Well you might know the answer to this question, you might not. Does anyone know what brand is currently the global leader in the soccer market right now pulling in over 2.7 Billion dollars during the 2014 world cup? You guys still don’t know. Well I want you guys to listen to a little bit of this song by Run DMC and it should clear up the answer for you. ***** START PLAYING THE RUN DMC SONG ADIDAS***** I think that should answer all of those questions.
B. Qualification: So, you may be asking yourself why I am talking about this topic. What qualification do I have? Well, around 6 months ago during the summer, I began researching shoes with the intention to create a shoe reselling business out of it. For those who don't know, a shoe reselling business is a business in which a person buy s popular shoes at a retail price and sells these same shoes for a resale price which is hopefully higher than the retail price. I did this mainly because I wanted something to do. I enjoyed researching these shoes and started my business. I got more and more interested in researching these shoes and it became very fun to me, almost like a hobby. I would find popular shoes, analyze them to see if they would be a good buy, try buying them and try to sell them for a higher price. I have gotten pretty good at being able to tell what shoes will sell good and which ones won’t, so I do have some knowledge about this topic.
C. Thesis (Need Step): After looking at many shoes, I have determined which brands sell the best and is most liked by consumers, you guessed it, Adidas.



BODY (Satisfaction Step)
A. Reason 1: Adidas is producing innovative concepts that are leading the industries in production.
i. EXAMPLE 1 - Adidas is using less paper, water, energy and chemicals then its competitors. Adidas has cut down their paper usage by 38% over a seven-year-period by simply going paperless in many aspects of the business. By the end of 2018, Adidas says that they are implementing a new sustainable cotton for their shoes and apparel which is produced by suppliers who will use significantly less water, energy and chemicals compared to their competitors.


ii. EXAMPLE 2- Adidas is partnering with the company Parley to preserve the oceans. Adidas is creating shoes with Parley where much of the profit goes to preserving the oceans. This is very important and shows that Adidas really does care about the environment.


iii. EXAMPLE 3 - As an innovative concept, Adidas is using 3D printers to create soles of shoes. Adidas sees 3D printers as an imaginative way to take shoe production to the next level. The soles look great and since they’re made with a 3D printer they can be tailored for specific individuals and catered to their feet.


TRANSITION SENTENCE: On top of Adidas striving to create the most innovative concepts and industry production, they are paving the way for new innovative trends.


B. Reason 2: Everywhere you look you see Adidas apparel, I mean, walk into a classroom and you will see Adidas backpacks, Adidas shoes, Adidas pants and more.
  i. EXAMPLE 1 - Adidas came out with a new shoe technology called the boost technology, it is featured on many of their new shoes but is really highlighted in their Ultraboosts and NMD’s. This boost technology is said to be the world's best running shoe due to its lightweight and comfortable feel.
ii. EXAMPLE 2- The three striped Adidas apparel is really blowing up right now. I mean, just walk around the hall from one class to another and I bet you will see at least 10-20 people wearing the three striped adidas pants at any given time. An interesting fact about those three stripes is that originally, when the company was founded, the three stripes were added to the upper part of the shoe to hold the shoe together and provide stability. Since then it has turned into the company’s logo.
iii. EXAMPLE 3 - Adidas has top of the line gear for almost every sport, but one sport in particular that they really focus on is soccer. Adidas is always coming out with new cleats and outerwear to really improve one's soccer game. On that note, Adidas has sponsored people like Lionel Messi or Paul Pogba who have brought Adidas soccer gear to the next level.



TRANSITION SENTENCE: Which brings me to my next point.


C. Reason 3: The Athletes and Celebrities that Adidas sponsors create more trends than any other brand in the space.
i. EXAMPLE 1 - For example, let's look at an athlete who is sponsored by Adidas, Lionel Messi **** Show picture of Messi on visual aid***** Here we see a world class athlete like Lionel Messi wearing all Adidas gear. People think that he looks good in it, which causes them to want to buy it, then creating trends.
ii. EXAMPLE 2- Another example of this is how celebrities like Kanye West or Pharrell Williams start trends. When Kanye West or Pharrell wear something it instantly becomes popular, therefore starting a trend. Even if the clothes are just the most absurd looking things, people will still want to buy them and wear them. People like Kanye West and Pharrell Williams are what bring me to my final point.


                 Counter-argument: Some might argue that Nike has the Jordan name and brand. With Jordans shoes and apparel and things of that nature. Although Nike’s Jordan’s are loved by so many, new players in the game, as I mentioned earlier, like Pharrell or Kanye are creating newer styles that are completely shifting the spotlight onto Adidas. When Kanye and Pharrell first came out with their clothing lines and shoes, particularly Yeezys and the HU clothing line, many didn’t think much of it, but now, some are comparing it to the Jordan and think that eventually Kanye’s and Pharrell’s shoes and clothing line might surpass the legacy of Michael Jordan.


SIGNAL THE WRAP UP! Ok, so now that all of you have heard me talk about why Adidas is so much better than Nike, it's time to sum it up.


A. Summary: So, due to Adidas’ innovative production concepts, new trends, and amazing sponsorships, I believe that Adidas is significantly better than Nike.
B. Memorable Ending/Audience Challenge: So, next time you need to get a new pair of shoes and can’t really decide if you want shoes from Nike or Adidas. Remember what I said and choose Adidas.


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