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Paediatric Neurology - MDT

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Question Answer
Medical personell Paediatrician, neurologist, nurses, nurse specialists, play therapists, portage workers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, Psychologists, Educational psychologists, SLT, Dietician, Social services, charities
Parents/familyMost important part of any MDT, often need support as their usual support networks are also grieving/in shock.
Children's centre modelBrings all MDT under one roof so that the child's appointments can all be coordinated - medical, social services, education + activities (sensory room, swimming etc). Considered the gold standard method for supporting families with a child with a disability.
Medical model of disability Says: people are disabled by their impairments/differences. These impairments/differences should be fixed or changed by medicine/treatment even if they do not cause the person pain. Looks at what is wrong with a person
Social model of disability Says: disability is caused by the way society is organised rather than their impairment. It looks at removing the 'barriers' that restrict life choices for disabled people. When barriers are removed, disabled people can be independent and equal in society with choice and control over their lives.