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P&T exam 3 more

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Question Answer
ErysipelasIV: PNCCC, 5 days
CellulitisPurulent: CDPA, IV:CON, Non-purulent: IV: CCP
ImpetigoMupirocin or Retapulin, 5 days
Bite WoundsEarly: Mox, augmentin. Late (fever): COMBO drugs and Mox, 3-5 days
FolliculitisTopical CMB for 3 days
Carbuncles/FurunclesIf MRSA: DDTTCCLV, if Pseudomonas: cipro or cefepime
Necrotizing Fasciitis (+): VL, (-): Pip/tazo, or MC, Anaeorobe: metro or clindamycin, MSSA: cillins
Osteomyelitis MRSA: VDL, MSSA: cillins, Strep: PCC, NO BETA LACTAM ORAL, 4-6 weeks
Prosthetic Joint Infection30 days: same as osteomyelitis IV+Rifampin if staph, then switch to PO for 3 months, non-staph: chronic suppression, 4-6 weeks
Septic Arthritis(-): VD, ceftriaxone if cocci, (+): VD or combo for broad coverage, STD: ceftriaxone and azithro, 2-3 weeks
Clostridium Difficile 1st time mild: Metro, severe: vanco for 10 days, if happens again: vanco tapered
Community Acquired CDiffMild: CEMT, Severe: IMD (penems), combo: CCCL + Metro
Hospital Acquired CDiffAlways combo: Metro + CDPIM
Cholecystitis/Cholangitis Metro + Cefxs, Metro + vanco/aztr if allergy
Appendicitis Antibiotics for 3 days, surgery
CAP OutpatientDoxy+Azithro if healthy, beta-lactam + macrolide for 5 days if comorbid (think 3 month Abx)
CAP InpatientFloxacins, bets+macro, ICU: beta+azithro or floxacin
Aspiration PneumoniaClindamycin or Augmentin, Metronidazole NOT w/alcohol, 5 day therapy
HAP/VAPcover for PSEUDOMONAS, MSSA: pipCLIM, MRSA: CCA, double pseudo: Aztr+beta, 7 days

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