P+ Study 5

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Importance and benefits of formal project closure

Question Answer
Confirm and document objectives that were completed/not completed
Release resourcesProjects that are divided into phases will likely release team members at the end of each phase. Other times, team members are brought on for one specific activity and are released when that activity is completed.
Provide historical information for future projectsPrevent repeat mistakes in the future.
Close contractsSettling the terms of the contract and documenting acceptance.
Standards complianceDocument retention compliance. Show you have completed the work of the project and that you can produce sign-offs, and other legal documents, should the need arise. Can be used to help you or other project managers on future projects.
Post-project reviewMeeting to review what went right/what went wrong. Collect and document lessons learned.

Project/phase closure

Question Answer
Phase closure
AdditionProjects that evolve into ongoing operations or become their own ongoing business unit.
StarvationWhen resources are cut off from the project or are no longer provided to the project prior to completing all the requirements, and you're left with an unfinished project on your hands.
IntegrationResources of the project—people, equipment, property, and supplies—are distributed to other areas in the organization or are assigned to other projects.
ExtinctionThe best kind of project end because the project has been completed and accepted by the stakeholders.
Project completionA project moves through formal acceptance to bring the project to an orderly conclusion.
Stage completionA phase moves through formal acceptance to bring the phase to an orderly conclusion.
Component completionWhen each component is delivered and completed, you can perform the Closing processes and move on to producing the next major component.
Project cancellationKilled prior to completion.

Closing documentation

Question Answer
Lessons learnedAnalyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the project management process, the project team, and, if you dare, the project manager's performance.
Close reportFinal status report for the project.
Post-mortem analysisExamine and document the reasons for early closure and the impacts this has on the organization. Should also include a plan for transferring any completed deliverables to the organization and determine how to treat partially completed deliverables.
Final individual performance appraisalTeam member performance review.
Transition planDocument special skills, training, maintenance issues and costs, licensing costs, warranty periods, and so on. Make certain the new manager understands any special requirements for maintaining the product as well.