P+ Study 3

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Coordinate human resources

Question Answer
SmoothingThe areas of agreement are emphasized over the areas of difference, so the real issue stays buried. Does not lead to a permanent solution.
ForcingOne person forces a solution on the other parties.
CompromiseEach of the parties involved in the conflict gives up something to reach a solution.
ConfrontingAso known as problem solving. Win-win solution and uses fact finding to solve the issue.
AvoidingOne of the parties gets up and leaves and refuses to discuss the conflict.
NegotiatingUsually involves a third party who acts on the behalf of one of the parties (or takes one side of the issue) and helps all parties reach an agreement.
FormingThe beginning stage of team formation, when all the members are brought together, introduced, and told the objectives of the project.
StormingTeam members become confrontational with each other as they're vying for position and control during this stage.
NormingDecisions are made jointly at this stage, and team members exhibit mutual respect and familiarity with one another.
PerformingThe team is productive and effective. The level of trust among team members is high, and great things are achieved. This is the mature development stage.
AdjourningBreaking up the team after the work is completed.

Project kick-off meeting

Communicate stakeholder expectations,
High-level timeline,
project goals and objectives, and roles and
responsibilities to the project team

Organizational governance

Question Answer
ISO 9000International standard that helps organizations follow their own quality procedures. It’s not a quality system, but a method of following procedures.
Audit trailsAn electronic or paper log used to track computer activity.
Version controlManagement of changes to documents, computer programs, large web sites, and other collections of information.
Change Control Board
Committee consulting
Phase gate approvalFormally reviewing the project at specific points to determine whether the project should proceed.
Tollgate approvalPhase gate approval.
Project phase transition