P+ Groups + Knowledge Areas

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Question Answer
InitiatingProject Charter
InitiatingIdentify Stakeholders
PlanningProject Management Plan
PlanningScope Management Plan
PlanningDefine Scope
PlanningCreate WBS
PlanningPlan Schedule Management
PlanningDefine Activities
PlanningSequence Activities
PlanningEstimate Activity Resources
PlanningEstimate Activity Durations
PlanningDevelop Schedule
PlanningPlan Cost Management
PlanningEstimate Costs
PlanningDetermine Budget
PlanningPlan Quality Management
PlanningPlan Resource Management
PlanningPlan Risk Management
PlanningIdentify Risks
PlanningQualitative Risk Analysis
PlanningQuantitative Risk Analysis
PlanningPlan Risk Responses
PlanningPlan Procurement Management
PlanningPlan Stakeholder Management
ExecutingDirect and Manage Project Work
ExecutingPerform Quality Assurance
ExecutingAcquire Project Team
ExecutingDevelop Project Team
ExecutingManage Project Team
ExecutingManage Communications
ExecutingConduct Procurements
ExecutingManage Stakeholder Engagement
Monitoring and ControllingMonitor and Control Project Work
Monitoring and ControllingPerform Integrated Change Control
Monitoring and ControllingValidate Scope
Monitoring and ControllingControl Scope
Monitoring and ControllingControl Schedule
Monitoring and ControllingControl Costs
Monitoring and ControllingControl Quality
Monitoring and ControllingControl Communications
Monitoring and ControllingControl Risks
Monitoring and ControllingControl Procurements
Monitoring and ControllingControl Stakeholder Engagement
ClosingClose Project or Phase
ClosingClose Procurements