P+ Components

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Question Answer
Validating the ProjectBusiness case
Validating the ProjectIdentifying stockholders
Project Charter
Scope Management PlanApproach
Scope Management PlanRoles and Responsibilities
Scope Management PlanWBS
Scope Management PlanScope Verification
Scope Management PlanScope Control
Scope StatementProduct description
Scope StatementKey deliverables
Scope StatementSuccess and acceptance criteria
Scope StatementKey performance indicators
Scope StatementExclusions
Scope StatementTime and cost estimates
Scope StatementAssumptions
Scope StatementConstraints
WBSWork packages
WBSWBS dictionary
WBS DictionaryCode of accounts identifier
WBS DictionaryDescription of the work of the component
WBS DictionaryOrganization responsible for completing the component
WBS DictionaryResources
WBS DictionaryCost estimates
WBS DictionaryCriteria for acceptance
Transition PlanOwnership
Transition PlanTraining
Transition PlanWarranties
Transition PlanTransition dates
Transition PlanExtended support
Performance BaselineScope baseline
Performance BaselineSchedule baseline
Performance BaselineCost baseline
Scope BaselineScope statement
Scope BaselineWBS
Scope BaselineWBS dictionary
Project Charter


Question Answer
Staffing Management PlanWhen project team members will be brought onto and released from the project
Human Resource Management PlanHow the project team will be managed, rewarded, and disciplined
Project CalendarWhen project work will be completed
Schedule Management PlanWhen project work will take place, how the work schedule might change, and the process for measuring the schedule for performance
Program Transition PlanHow your program's benefits are moved from program control to organizational control
Program Closure PlanHow the program will be closed according to the terms and requirements of the performing organization
Operational Transfer PlanHow final deliverables are transferred to the organization at closure