Ovarian Cancer - Epithelial

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TRUE OR FALSE- Hematogenous spread of malignant ovarian cells is common.False. Only 2-3% of metastases are spread thru the blood.
Trans-____ spread is the most common, followed by lymphatic spread.coelomic
When there are metastases in the lymph nodes, upper abdominal organs and the surface of the liver, the tumor is at stage ___.III
Stage II ovarian carcinomaThere are metastases in the pelvis
Stage ITumor cells are only in the ovaries
Stage IVThere are tumor cells in the liver parenchyma and in extraperitoneal organs
TRUE OR FALSE- Staging ovarian carcinoma is via transvaginal US. False. This is a special staging system done during open abdominal surgery.
TRUE OR FALSE- Ascites is a relatively specific sign of ovarian carcinoma, as opposed to e.g. polyuria.True. This is kinda shady can ascites be specific? check later

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TRUE OR FALSE- Omentectomy and appendectomy may be necessary in surgical tx of ovarian cancer.True. Appendectomy is relevant in mucinous tumors.
TRUE OR FALSE- Ovarian cancer patients have a poor response to chemotherapy.False. 60-80% of patients show a complete or partial 'response' to chemo.
TRUE OR FALSE- 80% of women will have no recurrence after chemotherapy.False. While the chemotherapy itself is effective (many responders), in terms of recurrence- 80% of women who undergo chemotx will have recurrence.
The overall 5-year survival for epithelial ovarian tumors is30%

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Borderline epithelial tumors usually do not ____ the ____ _____invade ; basal ; lamina
CA-125 in borderline epithelial tumor is usually _____normal
TRUE OR FALSE- Borderline epithelial tumors are linked to BRCA mutations.False.
The optimal tx for borderline epithelial tumors is:surgical removal
Infertility and fertility tx are ______ (protective or risk?) factorsrisk
Having many previous pregnancies and using birth control pills are ______ (protective or risk?) factorsprotective

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