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Question Answer
What is the branch of theology concerned with end-time events (doctrine of last things).eschatology
Within the context of the OT, the prophet is the _________________ of God.mouthpiece
The unique manifestation of prophecies resulted from the covenant between _______________ and _______________.Israel; Yahweh
Before monarchy, prophets often held positions of __________________.leadership
After monarchy, prophets took an ________________ role to the king.advisory
The classical period of prophecy was also marked by its emphasis on __________________, another concept unique to Israel.eschatology
When did the ministry of biblical prophets tend to be clustered around?times of crisis
Who was the best example of a preclassical prophet who held the reins of leadership?Moses
Which three books can be characterized as apocalyptic literature?Isaiah, Daniel, & Zechariah
In general the progression of the role of the prophet within Israel was _______________.First leader, then adviser, then social/spiritual commentator
Who were the earliest of the classical prophets that was active within Israel (the northern kingdom)?Amos and Hosea
What types of oracles were present within prophetic literature?Indictment, judgment, instruction, and aftermath
T/F: Isaiah and Micah were the earliest active classical prophets in Judah.False
T/F: A prophet is someone who speaks on behalf of someone else.True
T/F: The only Hebrew word for prophet, nabi, appears to indicate "one who is called."True
Classical prophecy had its basis in what?the covenant
The prophet Isaiah lived in which century BC?eighth
One of the biggest controversies surrounding the book of Isaiah is in relation to its _____________.unity
How many major sections/scenarios is Isaiah divided into?4
Which two kings of Judah feature prominently in the book of Isaiah?Ahaz and Hezekiah
What are the 5 major themes of Isaiah?1. Sons' names as signs 2. Servant 3. Holy One of Israel 4. Redeemer 5. Eschatology
T/F The background of Isaiah is the invasion of Israel by the Neo-Babylonian Empire.F. Assyria
T/F: The material of the book is arranged to highlight the trustworthiness of the covenant of God.True
T/F: The title "redeemer" is used for God more than a dozen times in Isaiah.True
T/F: Isaiah 37-39 feaatures four sons whose names were given prophetic significanceF. Ch. 7-9
A title used for God almost exclusively by Isaiah in the OT is ________________________________.Holy One of Israel
Jeremiah functioned as a prophet during which crisis in Israel's history?fall of Jerusalem
Who was Jeremiah's scribe?Baruch
How many major books/sections does Jeremiah contain?7
What are the three major themes of Jeremiah?The new covenant, God's policy with the nations, and false prophets
T/F: Jeremiah deals with the issue of God's judgment of nations due to generations of compounded sin.True
T/F: The book of Jeremiah occupies more space in the Bible than any other book.True
T/F: The ministry of Jeremiah spanned more than fifty years.False
T/F: Though Jeremiah is called to deliver a difficult message he seems to have been able to carry out his duty as a prophet without any substantial personal struggles.False
T/F: By Jeremiah's time all of the false prophets had been expelled from Judah.False
In the _________________________ of Jeremiah 31, God's law will be written on the heart, not etched on stone tablets.New Covenant
What are the two major themes of Lamentations? Human Suffering & Divine Abandonment
Both the Septuagint an Jewish tradition ascribe authorship of Lamentations to who?Jeremiah
The book of Lamentations mourns the fall of Jerusalem in what year?587/586 BC
Lamentations is comprised of 5 poems, three of which are __________________________, opening with the wail, "how?"Funeral dirges
Who was the King of Babylon when Jerusalem fell?Nebuchadrezzar
T/F: Lamentations illustrates the retributive aspect of human suffering; at least some suffering is brought on as punishment.True
T/F: Two of the poems of Lamentations are cast in the form of a "lament" or "complaint."True
T/F: Lamentations pictures god as abandoning Judah to punishment.True
T/F: Lamentations is one of the Megilloth, or "Festival Scrolls" and is read annually at the Passover, the commemoration of God's delivering of Israel from slavery in Egypt.False. Read on the 9th day of Ab, the day of mourning for the destruction of Jerusalem
Lamentations records the ___________________________ for Judah, an event of God's judgment and suffering.Day of the Lord
The reason given for the fall of Jerusalem is the violation of the ______________ between God and Israel/Judah.covenant.
What was Ezekiel's occupation?priest
Why was the canonical value of Ezekiel called into question?Because of the prophet's understanding of temple ritual.
How many times does Ezekiel's chariot vision appear in the text?3
The Lord addresses Ezekiel by what title, some ninety times in the book?"Son of Man"
T/F: Ezekiel is autobiographical in style, often utilizing the personal and possessive pronouns "I," "me," and "my."True
T/F: Several elements of apocalyptic literature reside in the writings of Ezekiel.True
T/F: The ministry of Ezekiel took place in Jerusalem after the return from exile.False. From Babylon.
T/F: The purpose of Ezekiel was to promote the rebuilding of the temple.False.
T/F: Ezekiel is known for using bold and provocative language.True
Ezekiel highlighted __________________________ of each generation to live according to God's commands, and in doing so refuted the unwarranted displacement of blame for God's punishment solely on the sinful behavior of the previous generations.individual responsibility
What are the four major themes of Ezekiel?Son of Man, Chariot vision, Individual responsibility, and Old Testament Apocalyptic Literature
Daniel was trained in diplomatic service and served in which government?Babylonian
Daniel is written in Hebrew and has a large section written in which language?Aramaic
How many kingdom are featured in the visions of Daniel 2 & 7?4
Some scholars attribute the writing of the book to Daniel to an author in the second century BC due to very precise predictions in chapter 11 relating to what world empire?Persian
T/F: The sovereignty of God is one of the core messages of Daniel.True
T/F: The authorship of Daniel is virtually undisputed in scholarly study.False
T/F: Identity of Darius the Mede causes questions for scholars.True
T/F: Though Daniel and his friends reside in a pagan nation the surrounding culture appears to be amiable toward Israelite religion.False
One major theme of Daniel is the __________ of kings that leads to eventual downfall.pride
The ____________________, a concept introduced in ch. 2 as that which will never be destroyed, is one of he major themes of Daniel.Kingdom of God
Hosea operated during the northern kingdom's "golden age" under which king?Jeroboam II
Ch. 1-3 of Hosea are arranged in a literary pattern known as ______________.Palistrophe
Though Hosea delivered his message to the northern kingdom, he was actually from where?Judah
T/F: Hosea's message was delivered prior to Babylon's destruction of the northern kingdom in 722 BC.True.
Joel uses the image of ___________________ to speak of impending invasion and devastation.a locust plague
Joel's main concern throughout the book was to address the _______________________, a time of destruction and judgment.Day of the Lord
Prior to becoming a prophet, what was Amos?shepherd
What is the major theme of Amos?Social justice
Obadiah pronounces judgment on which nation?Edom
The most likely background for the book of Obadiah is what?The fall of Jerusalem
Obadiah espouses the idea of Lex Talionis which means what?"an eye for an eye"
What are the major themes of Jonah?Compassion, Anger, and Theodicy
Which prophet was Micah a contemporary of?Isaiah
T/F: One of Micah's primary concerns enters around maintaining the Davidic line of kings.True
Two places in Micah speak of royal ______________ who would serve as the Lord's instruments for saving Israel from her enemies.deliverers
The second section of Nahum contains alternating addresses to Nineveh and ____________.Judah
In Habakkuk, the main instrument of God's judgment will be what?The Babylonians
Habakkuk 2:4b, "But the righteous will live by faith," is quoted by who in the NT?Paul
Who was the pagan nation threatening Judah during the time of Zephaniah's ministry?Assyria
The apostasy of which king for the five decades prior to the ministry of Zephaniah exacted a heavy spiritual toll on Judah?Manasseh
The backdrop of Haggai's prophecy was the reign of which king of Persia?Darius I
Along with Haggai and Zechariah, which other three books comprise the corpus of OT Prophetic literature dating to the Persian period of Hebrew history (ca. 550-330 BC)?Daniel, Joel, and Malachi
What is the major theme of Haggai?rebuilding of the temple
Zechariah was both a prophet and a what?priest
What does Zechariah mean?Yahweh has remembered
Zechariah has more to say about what than any other OT book except Isaiah?The Messiah
What are the major themes of Malachi?Marriage and divorce; Elijah the prophet
T/F: Malachi is the last book of the OT both in terms of position in the canon and chronology.False
T/F: The predominant theme of Malachi is Israel's covenant relationship with God and its ramifications.True.