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Use of Force Report - draws or discharges a handgun in the presence of the public - uses a weapon other than a firearm - uses physical force on a person resulting in an injury
involuntary Patient is involuntary Patient – detained in facility under a certificate of involuntary admission or certificate of renewal – has no choice
Physicians application for psychiatric assessment S.15 (form one) what is it and how long is valid for-directed to any person including police -apprehend within 7 days from date signed -authorizes detention for up to 72 hrs in a psychiatric facility
Physicians order for examinationFails to comply under Community Treatment Order -suffering from mental disorder and requires continuing treatment or care and supervision while living within a community -directed to police -apprehend within 30 days after issued -return person to physician who issued order
Justice of the peace for psychiatric assessmentInformation on oath by any person before a JP -still requires s.15 exam -apparently suffering from mental disorder -danger to self or others -unable to care for self -directed to police -apprehend within 7 days from date order signed -take to appropriate place to be examined by physician – not necessarily psychiatric facility
Judges order for admission When person is before the court under charge or conviction -judge has reason to believe person suffers from mental disorder 2 months
4 PART TEST DRAT - 1.RPG to believe -person is or has acted disorderly (don’t have to observe) AND 2.reasonable cause to believe- is or has demonstrated violence or unable to care for self AND 3.apparent mental illness - likely result in SBH to self or others AND 4.reasonable cause to believe –too dangerous to wait to get JP’s order under s.16
upaspermphysical harm -sexually molested/exploited -requires medical treatment -emotional harm -mental ,emotional, developmental condition -abandoned -<12 killed, seriously injured or caused serious damage to property (devil child) -<12 on more than one occasion, injured person or caused loss or damage to property - parent surrenders custody
who can we Apprehend without Warrantchild in need of protection s.40(7) -<12 committed an offence s.42(1) -<16 violation of curfew (12-6 am) s.79(6) AWOL from open temporary detention, temporary detention or open custody – must be returned to where they came from (open temp detention non criminals can be taken to place of safety)
Supervision (left alone)-<16 shall be left without provisions for supervision made -that is reasonable in the circumstances -< 10 onus is with the person to prove they were able to be left on their own
Order for exclusive possession -matrimonial home (regardless of ownership) -spouses legally married
Restraining Order (person) applies tospouse or cohabitated
what is our role when dealing with a child not being given up under lawful custody orderLad Locate – Apprehend – Deliver
Fail to Comply with restraining orderbefore October 15, 2009 – Part III -after October 15, 2009 – disobey court order CC S.127
Enter and Search under CLRAwhere order exists s.36(2) -may enter and search any place - RPG to believe child is located between 6am-9pm -using such assistance and force as are reasonable in circumstances


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prohibited barrel for a handgun105 mm
Imminent Threat-intent poses a real danger and is otherwise unavoidable, - means - weapons or significant disparity of force, - opportunity - proximity - time/distance to carry out threat
Use of Force Report required when-draws handgun ifo public or discharges, -uses weapon other than firearm on a person, -uses physical force that results in injury requiring medical attention
Use of Force Model-is a visual aid -reveals proportional relationship-between subject’s behaviour and reasonable use of force options
Assessment Process1. The situation, 2. Subject Behaviors, 3. Officer’s Perception/Tactical Considerations
Subject BehavioursCooperative, Passive Resistant, Active Resistant, Assaultive, SBH or Death
Officer’s Responses for use of forceCommunication throughout, Physical Control Soft, Hard, Intermediate Weapons, Lethal Force
Operational Stress Injury Prevention (The big 4 for managing stress)1. Goal setting 2. Visualization 3. Positive self-talk 4. Autogenic (tactical breathing)
DVRMdomestic violence risk management


Question Answer
A service plate is used for servicing a vehicle: this plate is ___________yellow back with black lettering
Who has a the right of way at an uncontrolled intersection, if both drivers arrive at the same timedriver on the right
What are the four environmental conditions that contribute to collisionsweather, lighting, road conditions, traffic conditions
If a driver is not the owner of the vehicle and the vehicle is not insured, can you charge the owner for not having insurance rather than the driver?yes
If you are affecting traffic while turning, you must put your signal on. But this is the only reason to put a signal on. If no traffic affected, you do not need to signal.True
You must be _____ meters from a railway crossing to make a U turn30 m
At a non intersection traffic signal where there is no sign, roadway marking, or cross walk you must stop no less than ___ meters before the signal5 meters
Red light ________________ passed stop line, red light offenceentire vehicle
Yellow light _________________ passed stop line, yellow light offenceany part of vehicle
With commercial motor vehicles, suspension must be in place for ____ Days before you can impound100 days
Dangerous driving can be committed ____________anywhere
Careless driving does not have intent, dangerous driving doestrue
Distracted driving due to display screensdisplay screen of TV, computer or other device visible to driver. exceptions – gps, hand held wireless, collision avoidance system etc.
Wireless Communication Devicesshall not drive on highway while holding or using a device that is capable of receiving or transmitting … exception – for emergency –calling police, fire, ambulance. You can use for non-emergency – off roadway or lawfully parked on roadway AND not in motion AND not impeding traffic
Stop – traffic signal at intersection1) at the sign or roadway marking 2) before nearest crosswalk 3) before entering intersection
Stop – traffic signal - not at intersection1) at the sign or roadway marking 2) before nearest crosswalk 3) not less than 5m before nearest traffic control signal


Question Answer
Race and Contest – 1 or more vehicle involved in following activity1. 2 or more veh’s marked departure from lawful speed limit and manner indicated engaged in competition. 2. Drive indicates intention to chase, 3. Without due care and attention, without reasonable consideration for other persons using highway, manner that may endanger a person by a)speed b)outdistancing c)repeatedly changing lanes at high speed
Stunts – includes 1 or more persons (note: shall seize DL and motor vehicle)1. Intention to lift one or more tires, 2. Intention to lose traction (drifting), 3. Intention to spin or circle – not maintain control, 4. Drive side by side no intention to pass, 5. Person in the trunk, 6. Driver not sitting in driver’s seat, 7. >50 km/h over limit, 8. w/o due care and control - prevent a person from passing, cut off another veh, drive too close, jump the light
HTA – Careless Driving s.130arrest without warrant-drive – vehicle or streetcar – on highway without due care and control OR -without reasonable consideration for other person using the highway (use when there is no other charge that fits i.e. reading newspaper, fell asleep) note: rear end collision only 2 charges to lay: follow to close or careless
CC – Dangerous Driving S.249(1)operates – motor vehicle (cc definition includes any veh drawn, propelled or driven by any means other than by muscular power so includes golf cart), in a manner dangerous to the public, having regard to all the circumstances, -including nature, condition and use of the place (can be anywhere not just on a highway)
CC Dangerous Driving Cause Bodily Harm S.249(3)2 criteria -must be to a person other than the driver, -more than trifling or transient in nature
CC Dangerous Driving cause Death S.249(4)-must be to a person other than the driver
CC Criminal Negligence S.219(1)-must do something or omit to do something imposed by law AND -wanton or reckless disregard for the lives or safety of others
ADLS Suspension HTA 48.3 and 48.4-only for Over 80, impaired by drugs or refuse sample (drugs or alcohol), -automatic DL suspension for 90 days, -automatic vehicle impoundment for 7 days
Suspended Drivers s.53 (1) HTA-drives motor vehicle or streetcar – on a highway – while licence is suspended, -all suspension except medical or unpaid fine have a 7 day VIP impoundment
Methods of Service1) not served 2) deemed served (by mail 7 days after mailing date) 3)-court caution 4)-personally (by police officer)
Novice Driver or Young Driver (under 22 yrs) ASD rules-ASD blows .010-.049 – suspend lic for 24 hours, -ASD blows warn or fail – treat the same as any driver
45 Day Vehicle ImpoundmentHTA Program-police officer finding-person driving-motor vehicle (HTA definition)-on highway (HTA definition) while under suspension under s.41,42 , 43 HTA (criminal code driving offences) 1st offence – 45 days 2nd offence within 2 years – 90 days 3rd offence within 2 years – 180 days
3 classes of Impound EligibleHTAVIP – 7 day (i.e. over 80 y day VIP impoundment and 90 day ADLS), CCCVIP – 45 days, IIVIP – 7 day
Ignition Interlock 41.2 HTA, - 3 avenues-stream A – 3 month susp 9 month interlock Stream B – 6 month susp, 12 month interlock -1 year susp & 1 year interlock -1 year susp and 1 year susp (standard 1st time sanction) If found driving without interlock device –charge = drive while disqualified


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Imitation and replica firearms, are items controlled by the legislation in the Criminal Codetrue
Prohibited Firearm: A firearm that is adapted from a rifle or shotgun, whether by sawing, cutting or any other alteration, and that as so adapted, is less than _____ or _____ greater in length and has a barrel less than ____ in length660mm, 660mm, 457mm
Restricted firearm has a barrel less than _____ mm and is capable of discharging centre-fire ammunition in a semi-automatic manner470mm
CFIS stands forCanadian Firearms Information System
Prohibited Device includesmagazine with 5+ cartridges rifle or 10+ cartridges handgun, replica firearm, silencer
When a firearm is seized due to no licence, how long does an individual have to produce their licence14
An application of disposition must be made within ___ days of seizure of a firearm or property must be returned under the CC 117.04(1) Public Safety Seizures on Warrant30
CFROCanadian Firearms Registration Online
P.I.C.prevent, investigate, court