OT Test 3

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Section 1

Question Answer
relates the sordid stories of 12 kings of the northern kingdom and the 16 kings of the southern kingdomSecond Kings
the nation that for 130 years endured the succession of evil rulersIsrael
a prophet whose faith, courage, and prayer revealed not only God's judgment on sin but also His mercy, love and tendernessElijah
any idea, ability, possession, or person regarded more highly than Godidol
king of Judah who had a personal, growing relationship with GodHezekiah
the King who was shocked, frightened, and humbled at the reading Josiah
the last king of JudahZedekiah
the year Solomons temple was destroyed586 BC
written after the Babylonian Captivity, possibly by Ezra1 & 2 Chronicles
reminding the nation of their national and spiritual unityGenealogies
man listed in the genealogies who prayed specifically to be protected from trouble and painJabez
that which David returned to Jerusalem to restore true worshipArk

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a tribe who leaders "understood the signs of the times"Issachar
that which should be reflected in our worshipHealthy balance
man who died instantly for touching the arkUzzah
David's wife who was disgusted by his undignified form of worshipMichal
able soldiers and military men David's mighty men
sinful act of David showing that he wanted to take pride in the strength of his armyCensus
characterized by obedience to God's laws, elimination of the places of idol worshipgood kings
Ahaz and Manassehworst kings
reference in the aforementioned book which which reflects the writer's purpose2 Chronicles 7:14
king who acheived much in business and governmentSolomon
king who promised higher taxes and harder work for the peopleRehoboam
book whose major themes include the return of the Jews from their captivity in BabylonEzra

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Question Answer
reputed to be the author of several psalmsEzra
the leader of the first group of Jews who journeyed homeward in 538 BCZerubbabel
the first official act of the returning captivesrebuild the altar
two prophets who encouraged the people to finish the building of the templeHaggai and Zechariah
what God is able to do in the lives of people today when they turn to Him in repentenceRestoration
book of the Bible which demonstrates God sovereignty and His loving care for His peopleEsther
Persia's fifth kingXerxes
queen who refused to parade before the kings all-male partyVashti
beautiful woman whose courageous act gives us a model to follow in approaching a difficult or dangerous taskEsther
a descendant of King AgagHaman
man who cared enough to adopt his cousinMordecai
though His name is not in the book His presence fills the pageGod
added to the original seven as an occasion for the Jews to celebrate God's faithfulnessFeast of Purim
the last of the Old Testament historical booksNehemiah

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Question Answer
structure representing power, protection, and beautiycity walls
effective because characterized by praise, thanksgiving, repentence, specific requests, and commitmentNehemiahs prayer
that which involves careful planning, teamwork, problem soving, and courageleadership
scorn, slander, and threats from enemiesNehemiahs problems
governors of Samaria and TransjordanSanbalat, Tobiah
that which characterized the minds and hearts of the peopleperserverance
a gripping drama of riches to rags to richesBook of Job
allowed to destroy Job's children, servants, livestock, herdsmen, and homeSatan
not pain or loss, but not being able to understand why God allows suffereinggreatest trial
a "friend" of Job who indicated that Job was suffering because he had sinnedEliphaz
friend who said Job won't admit he sinned, so he's still sufferingBildad
said that Job's sin deserves even more suffereing than he's experiencedZophar
God is using suffering to mold and train JobElihu

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Question Answer
how God is shown in the oldest book of the bibleAll-wise and All-powerful
a great collection of songs and prayersPsalms
David, Asaph, the sons of Korah, Solomon, Heman, Ethan, and MosesPsalm writers
Messianic, lament, testimonial, pilgrm, imprecatory, penitential, wisdom, historical, and natureVarious Categories of Psalms
practical insights and guidelines for lifeProverbs
youth and discipline, family life, self control and resisting temptation, business mattersProverbs topics
Solomons written sermonEcclesiastes
Everything apart from God is empty, hollow, and meaninglessSolomon's theme
the value of knowledge, relationships, work, and pleasureSolomon's Affirmations
life is to be enjoyed, but no one is exempt from obeying God's commandsSolomon's Conclusion
the book of the Bible which features a love dialogue between a simple Jewish maiden and her loverSong of Solomon
the holy means of celebrating loveConjugal love
that which in today's media has been twised, exploited, and turned into an urgent, illicit, casual, and self gratifying activitySex

Section 6

Question Answer
holy and good when enjoyed within marriageSexual intimacy
a sequel to the book of JeremiahLamentations
what Israel was to do during the seventy years of the Babylonian CaptivityRepent
city often mentioned as a symbol of God's ultimate judgementSodom
shown in the middle of the aforementioned book, revealing that God's compassion is ever presentA ray of hope
the aforementioned book which shows us the serious consequences of sinLamentations