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Question Answer
The title for the Book of Numbers is most accurate in the Hebrew Bible
Where was the land of Goshen located?northeastern Egypt
How many men were in the Egyptian army at the time of the Exodus? 20,000
The nation of Israel was organized around the tabernacle by tribe
What was the main problem that Aaron and Miriam had with Moses?jealousy about Moses’ position
How many spies did Moses send to Canaan? twelve
What was the punishment God meted out to the Israelites because they did not enter the Promised Land at the time planned?No one over age 20 would be allowed to see the Promised Land
What was the result of Moses’ sin at Kadesh?He was not permitted to enter Canaan
Who did God choose to lead the Israelites into the promised land?Joshua
How many days should the journey from Mount Sinai to Kadesh-barnea have taken?eleven
Moses’ expression of monotheism in Deuteronomy 6:4 is known as theShema
The Decalogue is known as theTen Commandments
Deuteronomic theology is often called the doctrine of retribution
After writing the law, Moses instructed the Israelites to read it in public every seven years
A political treaty between unequal partners is calleda suzeraint treaty
Match commandment 1 with the correct issue Authority
The historical books span a period of a minimum of800 years
What book was written to vindicate Israel’s need for a king?Judges
Which book best demonstrates how God’s sovereign care and protection extends to his people?Esther
What was the primary Old Testament means of God’s revelation? history of Israel
Which two books are treated as one book in the oldest Hebrew manuscripts?Ezra and Nehemiah
Who does Jewish tradition credit with writing the Book of Ruth?Samuel
It is most likely that the Book of Esther was written no later than the middle of the fourth century B.C.

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Question Answer
When Joshua first appeared in the biblical record, he: led Israel’s army to a military victory
In which chapter of the Book of Joshua does Israel begin to settle the Promised Land? 22
Which city was not burned by the Israelites? Lachish
What is the meaning of the word herem? spoil of war
To what place did Joshua send spies?Jericho
Who helped the spies that Joshua had sent? a prostitute
The battle plan of the Israelites was to conquer first thecentral area
What is the greatest demonstration of God’s grace to Rahab?She became an ancestor of Christ
How many cities of refuge did Israel have east of the Jordan River?three
For whom were the cities of refuge to be a protection? one who had accidentally caused a death
What tribe received no land inheritance?Levi
How many judges make up the characters in the Book of Judges? twelve
Who were the judges? military leaders
What did God do each time Israel repented?He provided a judge to deliver them
“The Lord sold them into the hand of the enemy for fifty years.” To which part of the cycle does this belong?war as judgment
Where was the home of Ruth and Naomi?Bethlehem
Naomi left her home because of afamine
What was the chief function of a kinsman-redeemer?restoring sold property to the original family owner
What was a levirate marriage?a marriage of a widow and her husband’s close relative
Who anointed Saul as king? Samuel
What job first brought David recognition? court musician
Who was Samuel’s mother?Hannah
Who said, “Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening”?Samuel
Where did the Philistines take the captured ark of the covenant?Ashdod

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Question Answer
What first caused Samuel to tell Saul that God would take the kingdom away from Saul?Saul offered a sacrifice which priests offer
Who was the father of David?Jesse
Which city did Saul destroy when he found that its priests had given David’s men provision? Nod
Before she married David, Abigail had been the wife of:Nabal
What was David’s age when he became king of Israel?30
What city did King David select for his capital?Jerusalem
Jerusalem had been the capital of Judah until:587 B.C.
Who crowned Ishbosheth king over Israel?Abner
What was the length of David’s reign as king of Israel?forty years
Uriah was:a Hittite
Who was the prophet who confronted David about his sin?Nathan
Who tried to seize the kingship of Hebron from David?Absalom
1 and 2 Kings are best categorized as:historical narrative
The author of Kings is least concerned with the reign of:Omri
The confl ict between Hebrew faith and Canaanite Baalism took place during the reign of King:Ahab
What did Solomon request from God?wisdom
What was the major cause of Solomon’s drift from monotheism?His numerous political marriages
Because of the apostasy of the king, God’s instrument of warning to the nations was:prophets
At what place did Elijah challenge the prophets of Baal?Mount Carmel
How many years did the kingdom of Judah exist alone? 136
Which Old Testament character ascended into heaven without dying?Elijah
What did the prophet Elisha do to the Syrian army? He plagued it
By what other name is King Azariah known? Uzziah
Who was among the most apostate of the kings of Judah?Manasseh
When Eli saw Hannah praying he thought she wasdrunk
The sons of Eli did not honor:The offering to the Lord
The people of Israel wanted a king so they would:Be like other nations
Because of King Saul’s disobedience the Lord: Rejected him as king
After his adultery with Bathsheba, King David sent instructions to Joab the commander of the army that he should have her husband Uriah fight in a position where he would be: killed
The prophet Nathan, in confronting King David with his sin, told him a story about a poor family and their lamb
The prophet Nathan told King David his child by Bathsheba woulddie
Solomon’s answer to the two women who each claimed the same child as their own was toDivide the child in two
Elijah told the people to put __________ on his sacrifice and the wood for the fire.__water___

Section 4

Question Answer
When was Israel destroyed?722 B.C
Who had the longest reign of any king in both Israel and Judah?Manasseh
Adam was created fromdust
What was the only thing Adam and Eve could not eat in the Garden of Eden?Tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
Noah found ___________ in the eyes of the Lord._ grace or favor ______
Cain killed Abel because he wasjealous
When Noah entered the ark who closed the door:God
Eve was created froma rib
God placed a _____________ to guard the entrance to the Garden of Eden._ flaming sword _
At the Tower of Babel God confused:languages
God asked Abram to leavehis relatives.
The Lord made a covenant with Abram and gave him: Descendants as numerous as the stars
God's perpetual covenant with Abram was:Circumcision
The name Abraham means: Father of a multitude or nations
Joseph's brothers initially wanted to:Kill him
Joseph told his brothers they meant evil against him, but: God used it for good
The Passover was to be eaten:In haste, in a hurry
Which of the commandments comes with a promise?Honor your father and mother
To offer an animal for sacrifice a person would put their hands on the animals':head
When Aaron offered two goats for sacrifice one goat was: Sent into the wilderness, a scapegoat
A Nazarite was a person who:did not drink wine, did not go near dead people, did not shave
On their journey to the Promised Land God directed their journey byA fire and a cloud
The people complained that all they had to eat was:manna
Moses made a ___________ to save the people from the firey serpents__bronze serpent_______
God promised Joshua success if heFollowed the law of Moses _________,
On the day of Joshua's defeat of the five kings at Gibeon, God caused the sun: To stand still
After Joshua and his generation died the people:Worshipped idols
Israel was tempted to worship idols through:Marriage
Hannah prayed for:A son

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