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Question Answer
The oldest tradition maintains that the author of Chronicles wasEzra
By the fifth century Judah was a small province and was part ofPersia
What purpose does 2 Chronicles 7:14 serve?model for restoration
What was given the most attention by the chronicler?proper worship of God
What is the common perspective of the Books of Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther?interest in God’s continued blessing on the covenant community
The Books of Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther trace the history of the Jews beginning at 538 B.C.
Which prophet provided spiritual leadership for Israel following Cyrus’s decree?Haggai
Who was the outstanding figure of the restoration community? Ezra
Who led a group of Jews from Babylon in 458 B.C.?Ezra
What was the first task Nehemiah undertook when he went to Jerusalem?rebuilding the walls
How long did it take for Nehemiah to complete his project of building walls? 52 days
Which Jewish holiday is explained in the Book of Esther?Feast of Purim
What happened on the 13th day of Adar? Jews were successful in their defense

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Psalm 119 is an example of:acrostic
Hebrew poetry is most similar to poetry written in:Ugaritic
The following quote of Hebrew poetry is an example of what common characteristic. “Pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.”Synonymous parallelism
The following statement is best summarized in which of the following poetic books. What is the meaning of life?Ecclesiastes
Where was most of the ancient Near Eastern wisdom literature written? Egypt
Which part of the Book of Job is written in prose? Chapter 2
Who began the first cycle of speeches in Job 4?Eliphaz
Whose speech set the stage for God to speak?Elihu
It is thought that Psalm 90 was written by:Moses
The wisdom literature of the Book of Proverbs is most parallel to the wisdom literature of ancientEgypt
In which chapter of the Book of Proverbs do we find the pinnacle of the Bible’s view of wisdom? 8
What is emphasized the most in the wisdom of the Book of Proverbs?character

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One chapter Solomon wrote in the Book of Proverbs: 20
Ahab and Jezebel created great opposition for the prophet:Elijah
Which prophet’s work involved tending flocks and taking care of sycamore trees before God called him to a prophetic ministry?Amos
Which prophet is considered a nonliterary prophet?Elijah
What relationship did Baruch have to Jeremiah?scribe
The prophetic books of the Old Testament are about prophets during the period: 800–450 B.C.
Which major power least affected the history of Israel and Judah?Syria
Sennacherib was unsuccessful in his military campaign against King: Hezekiah
Who was one of Judah’s most wicked kings?Manasseh
Who served as prophet during the Babylonian domination?Jeremiah
Who is the “Ahasuerus” of the Book of Esther?Xerxes
Isaiah’s prophecies about the sign of Immanuel are in Isaiah, chapter: 7
Which name means “a remnant shall return”? Shear-jashub
Which king’s death marks the beginning of Isaiah’s prophetic call? Uzziah
Which country was not a major player in the Syro-Ephraimite War?Ammon
Instead of trusting in God as Isaiah had told him to do, Ahaz put his trust in: Assyria

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What did Isaiah use in 11:1–26 to describe the messianic era?a branch
What three nations did Isaiah predict would be a blessing to the world?Egypt, Assyria, Israel
What did Isaiah predict about the earth?All would be destroyed
Whom did Isaiah condemn for making foreign alliances? Judah
How did God help Hezekiah to defeat Sennacherib? He sent an angel to destroy the army
When Hezekiah was about to die, he prayed for mercy and God granted him:fifteen more years
What does Deutero-Isaiah mean? It is a second Isaiah
What are the most common divisions critical scholars make of the Book of Isaiah?1–39; 40–66
What is the unifying focus of the servant passage in Isaiah?The servant is God’s instrument
Who predicted that Babylon would be conquered by Persia?Isaiah
To whom does the servant in Isaiah 49:3 refer? the Remnant
The most likely interpretation of the suffering servant of Isaiah 52:13–53:12 is the servant represents:Jesus Christ
Isaiah 61:1–3 is fulfilled by Jesus and recorded in:Luke 4:21–30
What does Isaiah use to represent the relationship of God and Israel in Isaiah 62?wedding
Premilennialism refers to the reign of Christ:on earth after he returns
Where did Jeremiah live?Anathoth
Which king tried to kill Jeremiah? Jehoiakim
Who served as Jeremiah’s scribe?Baruch
Which is least likely to be the age of Jeremiah when he received his call from God?30
When God confirmed Jeremiah’s call by touching his mouth, he symbolically: placed the divine Word there
Jeremiah compared Israel’s idols to: broken cisterns
God told Judah that their sin would be ultimately judged by: a foreign nation
Jeremiah told the people that while they did not observe God’s law the laws were observed byanimals
The struggles that were most difficult for Jeremiah were the struggles with: God
Who was basically responsible for filling Judah with idolatry?Manasseh
Where did God send Jeremiah to preach in Jeremiah 18:7–19:15?potter’s house
At what place did Jeremiah give the warning of final judgment for Judah?Kidron Valley
What object did Jeremiah use to symbolize the irreversible destruction of Jerusalem?broke an earthenware jar
In which chapter of the Book of Jeremiah does Jeremiah rebuke the prophets and their audiences?23
How long did King Jehoahaz reign? three months
Jeremiah warned the Judeans that Nebuchadnezzar would put them in exile for a period of:seventy years

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Jeremiah said that the new covenant would be written on:hearts
Who did Jeremiah use in an object lesson to emphasize that man needed to obey the heavenly father? Rechabites
What did Jehoiakin do to the scroll which contained the words of God?destroyed it
What did Nebuchadnezzar do to Zedekiah?blinded him
The Edomites were descendants of:Esau
When did Babylon’s world domination end?539 B.C.
What person’s experience teaches the lesson that God will bring all people home?Jehoiachin
What is the most likely date for the Book of Lamentations? 587 B.C
What did the author of the Book of Lamentations ask God for Judah’s enemies?judgment
Jeremiah prophesied the following judgment against which nation? “Complete destruction.”Edom
What is the meaning of the name “Ezekiel”? God has strengthened
The primary focus of Ezekiel’s ministry was to the Jews in: Babylon
At what place did Ezekiel have his first vision? Chebar River
What did Ezekiel see in his first vision? wheels
What did God tell Ezekiel to eat when he commissioned him?scrolls
In Ezekiel’s vision of an idol of jealousy, the idol probably represented: Asherah
How many elders did Ezekiel find practicing idolatry on the temple grounds? seventy
What symbolic act did Ezekiel perform to illustrate that he was preparing for exile? dug by the city walls
In Ezekiel’s analogy of the eagle, who did the eagle represent?Egypt
The Judeans were angry because of their exile and they blamed:their parents
The correct meaning of Ezekiel’s symbolic act of writing the name Jerusalem on a brick?God would use Nebuchadnezzar’s armies to destroy Israel
The correct meaning of Ezekiel’s symbolic act of laying on his left side for 390 days:Illustration of the depth of sin of God’s people
Ezekiel compared Israel’s leaders to: shepherds
The key protest that the exiles made was that the exile was:unfair
What was used by Ezekiel as a confirmation of God’s spiritual reawakening of Israel? dry bones receiving flesh dry bones coming to life binding two sticks together
Gog and Magog were:ultimate enemies of God’s people
ultimate enemies of God’s people twelve
What did Ezekiel say the name of the city would be?The Lord is there

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Question Answer
What position do those who believe in the millennium take when interpreting Ezekiel 40–48? The words of Ezekiel are literal and will be fulfilled by Christ
The tone of Ezekiel changes in chapter 25-48 to:Ezekiel describes how God will judge those who oppose his people, whether those people live among them or in the nations surrounding them.
What are the correct two Phoenician cities?Tyre and Sidon
Regardless of which scholarly interpretation a person has about Ezekiel 40-48 the ultimate theme of these chapters is: God is planning an exciting future
The account of Daniel in the den of lions is found in chapter: 6
What is the theme of Daniel 1–6? bearing witness in a hostile world
Whom did Nebuchadnezzar order to worship the golden idol?the entire Babylonian Empire
Where is God portrayed as the “Ancient of Days”? Daniel 7
Daniel differed from other prophets in that he preached against: future aggressive empires
One of the themes of the Book of Daniel is the: sovereignty of God
Which kingdom is not generally seen to be one of the four great empires?Russian
The most common nonevangelical position on the composition of the four kingdoms of Daniel 2–7 is:Babylonia, Media, Persia, Greece
The major reason for the disagreement about the references to Darius the Mede in Daniel 5:31 is: Historical
The influence on the community at Qumran supports a date of composition for Daniel in the:sixth century B.C.
Gomer was the wife of:Hosea
What did the wife of Hosea do?committed adultery
What is the most likely date for the Book of Hosea?722 B.C.
Hosea compared Israel to a:harlot
When Israel turned to Egypt for help, God said Israel was guilty of: harlotry
What kind of a plague did Joel describe as “the day of the Lord”?locusts
The name Joel means theLord is God
Joel compared the severe plague to a:mighty army
Amos worked in the town of:Tekoa
What was one way Amos earned a living?tended sycamore trees
Which date is least likely to be a time when the Book of Amos was written?740 B.C.
Amos compared the well-fed cows of Bashan with: the women of Samaria
What was in Amos’s vision that showed the high standard that God had for Israel? plumb line
Hosea named his children symbolic names. What name meant “Not my people?”Lo-ammi
Which prophet can best be described as a zealot for true covenant living?Micah

Section 7

Question Answer
On which nation did Obadiah focus his message? Edom
Who was the son of Amittai? Jonah
When God told Jonah to go to Nineveh, Jonah set out for:Tarshish
Jonah ran from God because hedidn’t want to do God’s will
Jonah warned Nineveh that the city would be overturned in: forty days
It is most likely that Micah ministered at about:720 B.C.
Which prophet refers to Bethlehem as the birthplace of God’s ultimate king? Micah
Nahum’s prophecy was directed at:Assyria
Much of the wickedness in Nineveh centered around the worship of:Ishtar
Nahum prophesied the sure destruction of Nineveh
Which prophet struggled with God?Habakkuk
Who was king of Judah during Zephaniah’s ministry?Josiah
Which nations were included in Zephaniah’s list of nations to be judged for their evil?Assyria, Philistia, Cush
To whom did Babylon fall in 539 B.C.? Cyrus
The central way the people profaned the temple was byliving unclean lives
Zerubbabel was descended fromDavid
In Zechariah’s vision of four horns and four craftsmen, the craftsmen represent God’s forces against the nations
The authors of the textbook suggest that Zechariah’s vision of the chariots and the bronze mountain means that God will judge all nations exceptPhilistia
In Zechariah 6:9–15 the Lord through Joshua prophesies that the temple would be built by“the Branch”
Zechariah characterized the bad leaders of God’s people as worthlessshepherds
Malachi condemned the priests because theyaccepted sick animals for sacrifice
What was the main reason that Israel and Judah began to practice idolatry? intermarriage
Why did Malachi accuse the people of stealing from God? They were not paying the tithe
Malachi closed his book with a command and apromise