OSU Propaganda

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If Michigan decided to make a tasty candy version of a wolverine, what would it be??
Is it true that Brutus can bench 300 Lbs.?sometimes (depending on who is in the brutus suit)
Have you sold anything from OSU for money like Terrelle Pryor?no
What kind of animals live in mirror lake?Fish, ducks, and this weird bird that we call a turducken (it looks like a chicken, turkey and duck)
Wouldn't it be better to make amends with Michigan? Think of all you could accomplish together.let me think about it ..... no
What is something you and Michigan could join forces to accomplish?diane: We could encourage the U of M band to do the script Ohio at home games. kelly: we already work together the week of the game to collect food cans and have a blood drive
If OSU made a sidekick mascot for Brutus, what would it be?diane: Isn't it Scoonie? kelly: a macadamia

Real Questions

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What do you think of the new wizards? (the Video Wizard and the Answer Wizard)?
Is it apparent how to notify me when you edit pages?unless it does it automatically then I have NO clue
How about now?it was so subtle that I almost missed it
Was I being sarcastic in my answer to the last questionyes.