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What do you give if a pt can't tolerate a bisphosphonate?Denosumab (Monoclonal Antibody)
How is denosumab given?SQ injection every 6 months.
What are denosumab's ADR's?Arthralgias, Hypo phos, Hypo calc, Fatigue, Osteonecrosis, atypical fractures, infections, skin reactions
What is teriparatide's (recombinant PTH) MOA?Stimulates osteoBLASTS.
What are teriparatide's (RPTH) ADR's?Osteosarcoma (BBW), headache, leg cramps, orthostatic hypotension.
What is ReloxifeneA selective estrogen receptor modulator.
Which meds help with hip and spine?Bisphosphonates (dronates), Denosumab (MA), Teriparatide (RPTH).
When do you not give Teriparatide?When they have preexisting hypercalcemia.
Which drugs only help with vertebral fractures?Reloxifene, Calcitonin.
What are estrogen therapies ADR's?Throboembolism, Hypertension, Headache, Heart Attack, Peripheral Edema, Nausea
What are the benefits of estrogen therapy?You regain vascular control reducing hot flashes, and no genital atrophy.
What is the drawback of testosterone injections?The initial injection can be toxic, and not last until the next one.

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