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What is a free oscillation?constant amplitude and no frictional forces
What is simple harmonic motionoscillating motion in which acceleration is proportional to the negative displacement
describe light dampingcycles are all the same length as T is independant od A, but A decreases over time by same fraction
describe critical dampingthe object returns to equilibrium in the shortest possible time without overshooting, eg vehicle suspension system
describe heavy dampingwhere the damping is so strong that the dsiplaced object returns to equilibrium much more slowly than in critical damping, no oscillating motion occurs, eg mass on spring in thick oil.
what is a periodic forcea force applied at regular intervals
what are forced oscillationsoscillations as a result of a periodic force being applied to an oscilating system
what is resonancewhen applied frequency equals natural frequency
compare phase difference bewteen periodic force and the systemits' same phase difference of velocity of system, and 1/2 pi phase difference with displacement

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