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There is / are ______ standing order(s) available on the Department of Health (DOH) Website. The order(s) is/are written for ______________Two (standing orders) First Responders and General Public ( written for )
What is the PA Act 139 / Standing Order DOH-002-2018 provision regarding arrest for parole violations/drug offenses?Act 139 provides that you will not be arrested or charged with parole or drug offenses if you call 911, provide all necessary information AND stay with the person in distress.
Who signed the PA Standing Orders ?Rachel Levine, MD, PA Secretary of Health
Who is an “eligible person” per the Standing Order DOH-002-2018?Residents of PA who are at risk of experiencing an opioid-related overdose or who are family members, friends or other persons who are in a position to assist a person at risk of experiencing and opioid-related overdose.
Regarding Appropriate Use - If a person is suspected of experiencing an opioid overdose, what is the FIRST step?Call 911
If a person shows signs and symptoms of an opioid overdose and is in cardiac arrest/ has no pulse: what should be performed?CPR (if able and trained)
If a person shows signs and symptoms of an opioid overdose and is in respiratory arrest/ is not breathing, what should be performed?Rescue breathing (if able to do so)
What are the types of naloxone that are covered by the Standing Order ?Generic Naloxone with a nasal adapter, Narcan nasal Spray and Evzio auto-injector

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Which of the following are correct regarding Administration of Ragwitek? ( Choose all that apply)After taking it, don’t swallow for at least 1 minute. (RAGWITEK dissolves quickly when placed under the tongue) Take the tablet immediately after removing it from the blister package. Do not eat or drink for 5 minutes after taking the tablet. Wash hands after taking the tablet Answers: Start Ragwitek at least 12 weeks before the allergy season
Regarding the safe adminstration of Ragwitek , the following are correct . ( Choose ALL that apply)Has a Blackbox warning to include -Short ragweed pollen allergen extract may not be suitable for patients who may be unresponsive to epinephrine or inhaled bronchodilators, such as those taking beta-blockers. Auto-injectable epinephrine must be available for all patient administered doses Is potentially a life threatening as Ragwitek contains short ragweed pollen The first dose MUST be given in the doctor’s office and observed for 30 minutes
Which of the following is the BEST counseling option regarding: If a patient misses a dose of RagwitekIf you forget to take RAGWITEK, do not take a double dose. Take the next dose at your normal scheduled time the next day. If you miss more than one dose of RAGWITEK, contact your allergy specialist before restarting.
Which of the following best describes the beneficial effects of Ragwitek?Reduces the need for symptomatic relief of allergies due to Ragweed when taken as directed. Does NOT provide immediate relief of symptoms.

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The Sanford Guide ( Pocket Guide Format) is publishedYearly
The back cover of the Sanford Guide is useful for:Rapid reference to locate a specific section of the guide
The Sanford Guide is Is available as both a pocket guide and a mobile device application
Which of the following are listed in the outer sections of the Pharmacist Patient Care Process wheel ?Collect, Assess, Plan, Implement & Follow-up: Monitor and Evaluate
The Pharmacists' Patient Care Process uses a patient centered approach in collaboration with other providers to optimize patient health and medication outcomes using Principles of Evidence-Based Practice

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When choosing a site for application of a transdermal patch:avoid use on broken or abraded skin.
When removing a medicated patch:Fold the patch in half with adhesive sides touching together and press firmly to seal it shut.
Which of the following statement(s) is/ are correct on fentanyl patch use?Safe disposal of fentanyl patches is important to reduce the risk of serious injury or death from accidental pediatric exposure.
Which of the following statements is a correct use of fentanyl patch?None of these statements are appropriate for fentanyl patches.
When counseling a patient on narcotic use, inform patient to avoid:alcohol
Which of the following statements is true concerning counseling a patient on the following Rx: Percocet 5/325 Take 1 tablet every 6 hours PRN severe painPRN dose should only be taken if patient experiences severe pain and it has been at least 6 hours since last taking a dose.

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Regarding hand hygiene in healthcare settingsUse soap and water when hands are visibly soiled (e.g., blood, body fluids), Wear gloves during any procedure that involves exposure to blood or any bodily fluids.
In the healthcare setting, BBP transmission is MOST likely to occur throughAccidental punctures, contact between broken or damaged skin or mucous membranes with infected blood or body fluids
Standard Precautions are the minimum infection prevention practices that apply to all patient careregardless of suspected or confirmed infection status of the patient, in any setting where healthcare is delivered.
If you have an exposure incident (Occurs when blood, body fluids or OPIM contact a person’s eyes, nose, mouth or non-intact skin. It also occurs when a wound is obtained from a contaminated needle, broken glass, or other sharp.) You should do the followingImmediately flood the exposed area with copious amounts of water, clean any wound with soap and water. Do not rub hard or abrade the skin. Notify your lab instructor. Seek medical attention immediately. (911, x7000)
Regarding safe injection technique, which of the following is/are truePlace used sharps in a sharps container