Osce 6

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Question Answer
set the stage (6)assemble tools in easy reach; wash hands in view of pt; introduce self to pt, greet pt, ensure pt readiness; ask pt to sit on exam table
observe appearance and behavior (5)level of consiousness, posture and motor behavior, dress/grooming/hygeine, facial expression, manner/affect
orientation- determine...determine pt’s orientation to person, time, and place. Include self and relatives.
test attention (3)digit span, serial 7s, spelling backward
bihemispheric functions (4)orientation, attention, longer term memory, short term memory
speech and articulation - 4quantity, rate, volume, articulation
dominant hemisphere functions - 3language, praxis (how he would hammer a nail), calculations
test word comprehensionask the pt to follow a one-stage command, such as “point to your nose.” Try a two-stage command: “Point to your mouth, then to your knee.”
test repititionask pt to repeat a phrase of one-syllable words: “no ifs, ands, or buts.”
test namingask pt to name the parts of a watch.
test reading comprehensionask pt to read a paragraph aloud.
test writingask pt to write a sentence
test calculationsPractical examples are best (getting change in the store for a purchase w/ a $5 bill).
nondominant hemisphere functions- 2constructional ability, directed attention (hemineglect testing)
test constructional ability have pt copy a figure composed of overlapping geometric shapes.
test Directed attention (hemineglect testing)have pt draw the face of a clock.
thoughts and perceptions- 4thought processes, thought content, perceptions, insight and judgement
higher cognitive functions -2information and vocabulary, abstract thinking
test information/vocabulary“Who is the president?” “Name 5 large cities in the country.”
test abstract thinkingmeaning of proverbs, e.g. “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.”

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