Oscar Wilde

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Question Answer
Where was Wilde born?Dublin
What prize did Wilde receive?The Newdigate
Where did Wilde visit in America?New York City
How many lectures did Wilde deliever?One hundred and forty
Who was the person Wilde admired?Whitman
What movement was Wilde the leading proponent?The aesthetic
Who did Wilde marry?Constance Lloyd
How many sons did Wilde have?Two
How long was Wilde in prision for?Two years
What was the name of the perosn Wilde had an affair with?Lord Alfred Douglas
What magazine was Wilde the editor for?Lady's World
What was one of the last works Wilde published?The Ballad of Reading Gaol
What was one of his first works? Poems
Where was Wilde buried?Paris
What did Wilde die of?Meningitis
Other than books, what did Wilde write?Plays
How old was Wilde when he died?Forty-six
What was one of the authors Wilde was influenced by?T.S. Eliot

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