OS Command Line Tools

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Section 1

Question Answer
DISKPARTAccess disk partition tool
FORMATFormat a disk
CHKDSKCheck disk
CHKDSK /fFixes logical errors on the disk
CHKDSK /rLocates bad sectors, recovers information
MDMake directory
CDChange directory
RDRemoves directory
DIRDirectory listing
DELDelete files from a directory or disk

Section 2

Question Answer
COPYDuplicate files
COPY /vVerifies that new files are written correctly
COPY /yOverwrites files without showing any prompts
XCOPYCopies multiple files and directory trees
ROBOCOPYFunctionally replaces XCOPY
TASKLISTDisplay.a list a running processes
TASKKILLTerminates a process
SFC /SCANNOW Run system file checker
SHUTDOWNShutdown a computer
EXTRACTRemove files from a Windows cabinet file
extract /dDisplay files in a cabinet
extract /aExtract a file
gpupdateForce a Group Policy update
gpresult Verify policy settings for a computer or user

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