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Question Answer Column 3
Semispinalis Capitissl. medial to BL-10/TianShuPerp 0.5-1cun
Semispinalis Cervicishua tuo jia ji C3-C7Perp 0.5-1in
Splenius Capitissl. inf and lateral to GB-20Perp 1cun toward tip of nose
Splenius Cervicisbai lao, at nape of neck, underneath traps muscle(2cun above, 1cun lateral to DU-14/DaZhui)Perp 1-1.5in toward C7
Facet Joint of C3 + C41cun lat to midline, 1/2 way b/w occiput and C7Perp 1cun
Levator Scapulaextra point Di Jia, 1/2 way b/w mastoid process (near GB12/WanGu) and nape of neck - 1cun post and 0.5cun superior to SI-16paralell to the floor - C7
SCMmidway b/w SI-16/Tian Chong and LI-18/Fu Tu, level w/ laryngeal prominence (on the belly of the posterior head of SCM, the sternal head)Perp 0.3-0.5in threaded from SI-16 to LI-18
Scalenus Anterior???
Upper Trapezius GB-21Obl laterally 0.5 from SI-15 or posterior to anterior 0.5cun while pinching trapezius
MediumTrapezius 2cun lateral to T-3, b/w BL-13 and BL-42obl. lat. 0.5-1cun
Lower Trapezius 2-3cun lateral to T-5, b/w BL-15 and BL-44Obl laterally 0.5-1
Rhomboid Minorlevel w/ T2, 2-3cun lateral, b/w BL-12 and BL-41obl. lat. 0.5-1
Rhomboid Major2-3cun lateral to T-4, b/w BL-14 and BL-43Obl laterally 0.5-1
Levator Scapulae Attachmentsuperior medial border of scapula, near SI-14, level w/ T2inferolaterally or superomedially along muscle fibres 1cun
Latissimus Dorsi1cun supero-lateral to inferior angle of scapula or directly below inferior angle of scapulasupero-laterally 0.5-1.5cun
SupraspinatusSI-12Perp 1-1.5
Infraspinatus1cun sup and lat to SI-11 or 1cun inf and med to SI-11Perp 1-1.5
Teres minorJian hou, midway b/w SI-9 and SI-10Perp 1-1.5
Deltoid (anterior)Jian nei ling, midway b/w anterior axillary fold and LI-15/JianguPerp 0.5-1.5
Deltoid (middle)nao shang, 2cun distal to SJ-14/JianLiao, in a triangle of 2cun w/ Deltoid posteriorPerp 0.5-1
Deltoid (posterior)2c distal to SJ-14/JianLiao, in a triangle of 2cun w/ Deltoid middlePerp 0.5-1
Pec Major3 pts, at 1st, 2nd, and 3rd intercostal spaces, 4 cun lateral to mdlineTransverse laterally
Pec Minor3rd intercostal space, 6 cun lat to midline, towards LU-1Transverse superiorly
Subscapularis0.5-1cun supero-medial from SI-11/TianZhong, on anterior aspect of scapula (needle b/w ribcage and scapula towards SI-11)oblique 1.5-2cun
Serraturs Anterioron top of each rib, sl. anterior to mid-axillary line0.5-1cun following line of rib
Biceps Brachii (long head )ulnar to LU-3perp 0.5-1cun
Biceps Brachii (short head )0.5cun medial to P2perp 0.5-1cun
Extensor Carpi Radialis3 points level with LI10-LI-9, in between affected extensor/structuresperp 0.5-1cun
Extensor Sanchi3 in a group lateral to LI11, close to lateral epicondyleperp 0.5-1cun
Extensors (wrist and fingers)SanChi, group of 3 pts lateral to LI-11, close to lateral epicondyleperp 0.5-1cun
Supinatordeep to LI-9 when forearm is pronated, underneath brachioradialisperp 1-1.5cun
Pronator Teressl. medial to distal tip of an equilateral triangle drawn from HT-3 to P-3perp 0.5-1cun
Pronator Quadratusdeep to P-6 (radial to radial tendon, sl. oblique, in b/w artery and tendon)oblique on radial side of tendon, directed medially and deep to P-6 (1-1.5cun)
Brachioradialis 1LI-11 thread towards LU-5 (pinch muscle)perp 0.5-1cun
Brachioradialis 2LU-6 - go slightly lateral, so on muscle bellyperp 0.5-1cun
(he skipped) Triceps Brachii Long head 1cun lat and 2cun distal from posterior axillary creaseperp 0.5-1cun
(he skipped) Triceps Brachii Lateral head 2-2.5cun lat and sl. inferior to long head MPperp 0.5-1cun
SI (Sacroiliac) Joint1-2 points at angle of PSIS and sacrum (sl. latero-inferior to L-5, or just medial to PSIS)lateroinferior 1-1.5cun toward ASIS
Multifidi (Facet Joints L1-L5)JiaJi points, inferior lateral to spinous processperp 0.5-1.5cun
Quadratus Lumborum0.5cun lateral to BL-52 (so 2cun lat to midline, level with L2)transv-obl 1-1.5cun medially (patient can be prone or side lying) - needle toward spine, a bit upward
Paraspinals - Erector Spinae (Iliocostalis) - Originsl. medial to crest of iliumtransv-obl medially (he did perp)
Paraspinals - Erector Spinae (Iliocostalis) - Ashi pointsback-shu pointstransv along the grain of the muscle fibre
Gluteus Medius 1medial 1/3 of line from PSIS to superior border of greater trochanterperp 1.5-2.5cun
Gluteus Medius 2nearly the lateral 1/3 of line from PSIS and superior border of greater trochanter (or 3cun superior and 1cun posterior from sup. border of greater trochanterperp 1.5-2.5cun
Gluteus Minimushalf-way b/w iliac crest and posterior superior border of greater trochanterperp 1-2cun
Piriformismedial 1/3 of line from sacral hiatus to superior border of greater trochanter (or half-way b/w BL-53 and BL-54)perp 1.5-3cun
Sacral foramenBL-32/CiLiao or BL-34/XiaLiaoperp 0.5-1.5cun
Tensor Fascia Latae 1GB-29/JuLiao (half-way b/w ASIS and greater trochanter) perp 0.5-1 with patient side-lying
Tensor Fascia Latae 21-1.5cun inferior to GB-29/JuLiaoperp 0.5-1 with patient side-lying
Jian Kua (extra point for hip pain)half-way between iliac crest and greater trochanter, in depression b/w Gluteus Minimus and TFL motor points1-3 needles, perp 1-3cun
Iliotibial Band (ITB)ashi needling all along the band, especially GB-31/FengShiperp 0.5-1cun + gua-sha/cupping along length of ITB
Biceps Femoris 1half-way b/w BL-36 and BL-39 (book says BL-40), slightly lateralsl. oblique toward ischial tuberosity, perp 0.5-1cun
Biceps Femoris 21cun superior to Biceps Femoris 1perp 0.5-1cun
Semitendinosus & Semimembranosus 1a little medial to BL-channel, 1 cun below half-way b/w BL-36 and BL-40perp 0.5-1cun
Semitendinosus & Semimembranosus 2a little medial to BL-channel, 3 cun superior to half-way b/w BL-36 and BL-40perp 0.5-1cun
Gastrocnemius - Media Head3-5 cun below KID-10perp 1cun
Gastrocnemius - Lateral Head2-4 cun below BL-39perp 1cun
Soleus - Lateral3cun inferior to head of fibulaperp 1-1.5cun
Soleus - Medial 11cun posterior to SP-8 (3cun inferior to SP-9), parallel to floorperp 1-1.5cun
Soleus - Medial 2half-way b/w SP-8 and SP-7perp 1-1.5cun
Shi Mian (for plantar fascitis)center of heelperp
Rectus Femoris 1ST-31 - directly below ASIS, level w/ lower border of pubic bone, lateral to sartoriusperp 1-1.5cun
Rectus Femoris 2half-way b/w He Ding and ST-31perp 1-1.5cun
Sartorius0.5-1cun medial from ST-31perp 1-1.5cun (he does 0.5-1cun)
Psoas Major 1-2 cun medial to ST-31, medial to sartoriustransverse-obl superior toward ASIS or ipsilateral shoulder 1-2 cun
Iliacus 1GB-27 - 1 cun medial to ASISobl laterally, toward illium 1-1.5cun
Iliacus 2 (he doesn't use)GB-26obl toward greater trochanter 0.5-1.5cun w/ patient side-lying
Vastus Lateralis 1distal 1/3 of line b/w patella and greater trochanterperp 0.5-1.5cun
Vastus Lateralis 21 cun below proximal 1/3 of line b/w patella and greater trochanterperp 1-1.5cun
Vastus Medialisextra point bai chong wo - superior and medial to SP-10perp 1cun
MCL2 pts on either side of ligamenttransverse 0.5-1cun
LCL2 pts on either side of ligamenttransverse 0.5-1cun
Lateral and Medial meniscusXi Yan, one needle towards KID-10, one towards BL-39transverse-oblique 1cun
Surrounding knee (for pain under patella)4 needles surrounding patella0.3-1 cun directed to centre of knee
Popliteus1cun lateral and 2cun inferior to KID-10***avoid popliteal artery*** just lateral to point. Perp 1cun
Tibialis Posteriorhalf-way b/w BL-56/BL-571-1.5cun toward centre of calf (avoid posterior tibial artery)
TIbialis Anteriorlan wei xue (2 cun inferior to ST-36)0.5-1 cun
Fibularis (Peroneous) Longus1.5-2 cun below fibula headperp 0.5-1cun
Extensor Digitorum Longus0.5-1cun latero-superior to ST-40
Extensor Hallucis Longus3 cun inferior to ST-40perp 1cun

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