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Factors contributing to increased gingival display: lip length in males is ___ mm +/-2 and in females is ___ mm +/- 2males 22; females 20
A dolichofacial patient has a/an ______ LFH and a brachyfacial patient has a/an _______ LFHDolicho = Increased LFH; Brachy = Decreased LFH
Lip length increase plateaus at age ___ in females and age ___ in males14 in females; 18 in males
Mid philtral height should be what length relative to commissure heightequal to or 1-2 mm less than
treatment of Supra eruption of maxillary incisorsorthodontic intrusion
In Moyers Mixed Space analysis.... what measurement is used to predict the combined widths of the cuspid and bicuspids in each quadrant of maxillary archwidth of mandibular incisors
Bilateral maxillary lingual crossbite occurs when the posterior crossbite is the result of which arch being narrowed?narrow maxilla (or there is a wider mandible and both sides are affected)
T/F: Curve of spee is directly related to overbite relationshipTRUE
______ appliance (worn for 8-12mos) has a pintube design, forces mandible into a more forward position to promote mandibular growthHerbst
Most negative side effect of Herbstmandibular incisor proclination
Cervical pull headgear = for a (brachy/dolicho) patient and treats a ____ biteBrachyfacial; treats deep bite
how long should headgear be worn every day?12-14 hours
what type of appliance is associated with clockwise rotation of the mandible, increasing LFH?Chin Cup
Posterior crossbite (skeletal) results from narrow _____maxilla
Most common etiologic factor for non skeletal crossbitelack of space for permanent incisors
what type of headgear would you use to help treat a deep bite?Cervical pull
T/F: The width of a nose is the same width of the eyetrue (rule of fifths)
What functional appliance helps with Sleep ApneaHerbst
Quad Helix appliance is made of what material?Stainless steel
All of the following are fixed appliances except (what example)Schwarz appliance
7 year old girl with 2mm diastema what do you do for treatmentnothing, wait until maxillary permanent canines erupt
what plane of model analysis allows you to determine overjet?A-P plane
Asymmetrical Class II malocclusion with class I on right… the class II is most likely present with _____ midlineasymmetrical midline
Class II on right, class I on left and extreme overjet, what classification (complete)Class II division I subdivision right


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Less than _________ mm of asymmetry goes unnoticed but if greater than _________ mm, increase the need for surgery.<5; >10
Midline deviation of ___ mm is acceptable2.2 mm
Rule of Fifths: what plane and what is the rule? transverse pane and a balanced face is 5 eyes wide
Nasiolabial angle; normal is ____ degrees; male is ___ degree +/- 12 and female is ____ degree+/- 1090-120 (normal); 100 (male); 105 (female)
Vertical Maxillary Excess is associated with an increase in (upper or lower) facial height?LFH increase
Growth of upper lip height increases by ___ mm between 10 -12 years old3mm
Optimal interlabial gap is _________-___ mm0-3mm
what type of analysis estimates arch perimeter by adapting malleable brass wire from one distal contact of second premolar to otherCarey's analysis
Sum of mandibular anterior teeth / sum of maxillary anterior * 100 = ___%77.2%
Bolton's discrepancy of > 77.2% is mandibular ____excess
Bolton's discrepancy of < 77.2% is mandibular ____deficiency
term for when when posterior occlusion is class 3 in presence of a functional shiftPseudo class 3 (shift forward from CR)
T/F: Incisor proclination is difficult to assess from models; ceph X-ray is the most accurateTrue
T/F: Incisor proclination is difficult to assess fromceph X-ray ; model analysis is the most accurateFALSE (ceph x-ray is most accurate)
It is easier to correct crossbites after what teeth erupt?6 year molars
what age is upper limit of non-surgical expansion of the maxilla?14-16 yo
for what skeletal class of patient does treatment restrict max growth or enhance mandibular growthSkeletal Class 2
what is the less bulky version of the activator?Bionator
fixed appliance that is similar to bionatorOrthopedic corrector
what is a tissue-borne functional appliance?Frankel
what functional appliance is most often used as removable?twin block (wouldn't work as fixed)
force level of headgear 12-16 ounces
headgear force modules must have _____ _____ to prevent injurysafety mechanism
Reverse pull head gear and protrusion face mask projects maxilla in what vector?down and forward
considering treatment timing: success of class 3 correction declines after age _________ and little chance after ____8; 10-11c.
Case selection – face mask treatment is for mild to moderate skeletal class 3 problems... _________ - _________ mm2-4 mm
Face mask Treatment effects/prognosis – goal is to protract maxilla _________ - ___ mm over _________ - _________ months2-4mm; 8-12 months
Ortho camouflage - class 2 correction – extract which teeth?maxillary 1st premolars
Class 3 correction mild case – extract which teeth?mandibular 1st premolars and maxillary 2nd premolars
Mandibular advancement surgery most often for what class?Class 2
what is the side effect of using a Quad-helix appliance?buccally tipped maxillary molars
appliance of choice when primary second molar is lost before eruption of permament molarDistal shoe space maintainer


Question Answer
increasing maxillary vertical height would ___ interlabial gapincrease
gummy smile is associate with ____ LFH heightincreased
pin and tube functional applianceHerbst
most common supernumerary teeth are found in what part of which arch?anterior maxillary
primary failure eruption is associated with defects in what receptor?PTH1R (parathyroid hormone 1 receptor)
when do you do the frenectomy associated with diastema?after space has closed
what appliance would tip the mandibular incisors to be more retroclined?lip bumper
how is -8 characterized on Carey's analysis?severe crowding
a negative number on carey's analysis indicates what?space deficiency
Bolton's ratio of anterior teeth =77.2%
Mandibular symphysis closes at what age?1 yo
Most (congenitally missing teeth?)max laterals and mand 2nd premolars
Septomaxillary Ligament is important in what theory?Scott’s Cartilaginous Theory
Transverse growth for maxilla stops when ____ suture ceases to growmid palatal
Order of malocclusion from least to most frequent3 < 2 < 1
Class II malocclusion occurs _________% in children and youths according to NHanes III Study15%
Primary dentition is from ___ years to _________ years2.5 - 6 yo
peak growth velocity of growth spurt for boys and girls respectively13 boys; 11 girls
duration of growth spurt for boys and girls respectively5 boys; 3.5
Is Nickel sensitivity greater in mouth or on the skin?on skin (mouth is less sensitive)
Standard condition for lateral ceph patient stands _________ ft away5
Further away the xray source the ____ the magnification. Closer = _____ magnificationfurther, smaller mag; closer, larger mag.
Primate Space max is ____ to primary max cuspidmedial

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