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Adjunctive Treatment: Forced Eruption -Controlled Vertical Extrusion

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What is the most optimal tooth morphology for Forced Eruption?is a single tapering root
What type of root morphology is not a good candidate for eruption/extrusion? Why?multi-rooted teeth which flare or diverge; not good candidates for eruption because of the possibility of furcation exposure and increased root proximity as the tooth erupts, also anchored requirements to erupt a multicoated tooth are significant
achieving ______ ______ is the primary consideration when evaluating a tooth for pre-prosth forced eruptionBiologic width (2mm) (should be noted that there are subsequent contraindications such as multi-rooted teeth and the subsequent furcation that extrusion for crown lengthening would create)
T/F: Orthodontic forced eruption as a means of crown lengthening negates the need for periodontal surgeryFalse (not always)
What is the "biologic width" to be considered when deciding whether crown lengthening is necessary2 mm
Biologic width is measured from what to what?from the base of the gingival sulcus to alveolar bone
What is the MINIMAL crown to root ratio?1:1
What is the appropriate amount of force for extrusion (aka forced eruption)35-60 grams
What is the preferred appliance design for forced eruption?T Loop Design (aka Segmental Loop Design)
What is the potential risk of using continuous wire design for forced eruption movement?movement of adjacent anchor teeth
If using continuous wire design for forced eruption... how should bracket be placed on anchor teeth? tooth to be erupted?Ideal (normal) placement on anchor teeth; more gingival on tooth to be erupted
2 considerations for a provisional restoration placed on a tooth to be erupted through orthodontic movementCement must withstand orthodontic forces; Must be relieved on occlusal surface frequently (to prevent occlusion from interfering eruption)
Collagenous fibers of the PDL require ___ to ___ months to reorganize and supra-crestal fibers require up to ____ months to reorganize3-4 months; 12 months

Contraindication or Indication for orthodontic eruption/extrusion?

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• defects in the area of the alveolar crestIndication
• teeth with sub gingival fracturesIndication
• teeth with areas of deep decayIndication
• in teeth with endodontic perforationsIndication
• in teeth with vertical bony defectsIndication
• cases where alveolar ridge development can improve bone support for a prosthetic implantIndication
• cases where vertical alveolar bony defects can be improved with eruption followed by periodontal surgery to recontour and level the bony defectsIndication
• in multi rooted teethContraindication
• when defects are located apical to the cervical 1/3 of the toothContraindication
• in single rooted teeth when treatment would result in poor crown to root ratioContraindication

Adjunctive Treatment: Anterior Space Closure

Question Answer
T/F: AOOF is the mnemonic associated with Anterior Space ClosureTrue (Angulation, Overjet, Overbite, Function)
T/F: SOOF is the mnemonic associated with Anterior Space ClosureFalse (AOOF: Angulation, Overjet, Overbite, Function is associated with Closure, SOOF is with crowding)
What does AOOF stand for?Angulation, Overjet, Overbite, Function
What 2 appliance designs are appropriate for Anterior Space Closure in limited ortho tx?2 x 4 & 2 x 6
Limited ortho tx of anterior space closure is appropriate when what type of movement is the primary type of tooth movement?Tipping
T/F: Anterior space closure is indicated when spacing is not due to Bolton's discrepancyTrue
T/F: Anterior space closure is indicated when spacing is due to Bolton's discrepancyFalse (this is an indication for space redistribution and subsequent dentistry ((crowns or composite buildup)
In anterior space closure, you have to be worried about increasing the over-____ and decreasing the over-____ in ways that will affect functionIncrease over-bite; decreasing over-jet
treatment indicated when anterior spaces can not be closed by retraction of the maxillary incisors due to lack of overjetAnterior Space Redistribution
With anterior space closure, when is the most appropriate time for frenectiomy of the labial frenum?After space closure (because scar tissue could impede closure of space)

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