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removable appliances

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The appliance chosen most often for orthodontic stabilization since the 1920’s has been the _____ ______Hawley retainer (passive)
removable passive retainer designed so that the labial bow does not cross the occlusal table is called the _____ retainerWraparound
3 functions of a retainer1. Maintains closure of extraction sites 2. Maintains individual tooth alignment and intra- arch stability during reorganization 3. Controls bite depth
Once braces are removed the reorganization of the PDL occurs over the subsequent ___ to ___ months, the subcrestal fibers require a much longer period taking a ____ or more for reorganization3-4 months; 1 year
Major disadvantage of Passive removable appliances such as clear, essex, thermoplastic suck downallows for very little individual tooth movment... preventing normal physiologic settling
with active removable clear aligners that accomplish tooth movement they do so thru incremental repositioning of teeth with multiple aligners fabricated on models that move teeth in incremental fashion usually at a rate of ___ mm per aligner.0.25mm
The _____ clasp is by far the most retentive and should be the clasp of choice for most active removable appliance. It is typically constructed out of .028” stainless steel wire and is fabricated to engage undercuts in both the mesial and distal embrasure areas of the tooth being clasped.Adams
Spring designs in active removable appliances can best produce what type of tooth movement?Tipping
Activation of the spring should be on the order of _________ to ___ mm which should deliver a force magnitude of approximately ___ to ___ grams2-3 mm; 35-60 g
active appliance with spring should be re-activated every ____ to ____ weeks2-4 weeks
adams clasp is normally constructed of what diameter stainless steel wire?0.28"
spring tipping of a tooth with an active removable appliance is probably not appropriate when tooth must be tipped more then ___ mm because there will need to be some control over root-tipping>3mm
one quarter turn of an expansion appliance opens by ____ mm0.25

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