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contemporary fixed appliances

history jank... whodunnit?

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“father of modern dentistry” ; used a horse shoe shaped appliance and silk string to move teeth, all you need is force and time (at least 6 hours/day)Pierre Fauchard
“father of modern orthodontics” , rectangular wire in a rectangular slot, he was the first to band, and introduced the edge wise appliance where a rectangular wire was put into a rectangular slotEdward Angle
“father of Straight wire appliance” introduced the preprogrammed bracketsLarry Andrews

order of bends... 1st, 2nd, or 3rd

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In and out- for buccal lingual differences in tooth thickness1st order
Angulation bends- for mesial and distal angulation2nd order
Torque bends- for bucco-lingual positioning of the root , require wire twisting3rd order


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________ has simplified tx and reduced the amount of wire bending needed to optimize tooth positions by changes in the bracket rather than the wirePreprogramming
T/F: Begg appliances contain a vertical slot and can only work with round wireTrue
T/F: Begg appliances contain a vertical slot and work with round or rectangular wireFalse (round only)
Begg applicances (aka non-edgewise) have fallen out of favor because they do not offer ______ control of tooth position3-dimensional
_____ appliances have a rectangular slot into which a round or rectangular wire can be placedEdgewise
Which is greater on edgewise appliance brackets... the depth or height of the slot?depth is greater
Variation on the edgewise appliance that takes advantage of preprogramming in the bracketsSWA (straight-wire-appliance) (less need to bend wire)
List Andrew's 6 keys to OcclusionMolar Relationship, Crown Angulation, Crown inclination, No rotations, No spaces, "flat" occlusal plane (curve of spee)...(or Sphere of monro)
Molar relationship best relates to _____ order1st order
Crown relationship best relates to _____ order2nd order
Crown inclination best relates to _____ order3rd order
root inclination in the buccal direction is (positive/negative)?negative
root inclination in the lingual direction is (positive/negative)?Positive
______ order appliances have to do with the buccal-lingual positioning of teeth1st order (in flat same plane as wire)
______ order appliances have to do with correcting tilt in the Mesial-distal direction2nd order
A bracket with a slot cut on the diagonal would have what effect on a tooth, (what type of movement, change in what order)m-d tilting/ 2nd order
______ order appliances use torque and affect the buccal-lingual crown/root inclination3rd order
When the Rx attempts to move the root in a lingual direction (or the crown in a buccal direction) it is described as ____ (+/-) torquepositive torque
when the Rx attempts to move the root in a buccal direction (or the crown in a lingual direction) it is described as ____ (+/-) torquenegative torque
T/F: torque or 3rd order positioning requires a bend in the Straight-Wire ApplianceTrue
Torque is placed in the archwire by placing a twist in the wire in the direction in which the _____ should move. If unrestrained the ____ will move in the opposite directionRoot; crown
Color code of brackets relates to which quadrant the bracket is for... and is found where on the bracket?Distogingival tie-wing
When viewing the bracket from the adhesive pad side... the ____ side is curved and the _____ side is straightgingival; occlusal
Contemporary pre-programmed appliances should be placed where mesiodistally on teeth?Center (center scribe line aligned with long axis of tooth)
if the maxillary left central incisor bracket is bonded at a distance of 4mm from the incisal edge, the maxillary right central incisor should also be bonded __mm from the incisal edge4mm
Areas to be bracketed are etched with ____% ________ acid for 20-30 seconds37% phosphoric
_______ ________ are used to create space for banding and are left on for at least a week, but no more than 2 weeksElastomeric separators
bands should be seated until the mesio-occulsal and disco-occlusal band margins are ____mm below the marginal ridges0.5mm
typically, elastomeric separators are left in place for how long?7 days (1 week)
Maxillary first molar bands are usually _____ in shapetrapezoidal
________ ______ molar bands are usually trapezoidal in shape and can have one, two or three tube attachmentsMaxillary first molar
A double tube attachment on a max 1st molar band would not have which of the three possible tubes?auxillary tube
____ ______ molar bands are heart shaped and have a single rectangular tubemaxillary second molar
_____ _______ molar bands are rectangular in shape and usually have a single or double rectangular tube attachmentMandibular first molar
_____ ______ molar bands are rectangular in shape, relatively small, and usually only have a single tube attachmentMandibular second molars
Auxiliary tubes are only found on _____ molar bandsfirst (both max and man are possible)

common bracket slot heights Occlusogingivally

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Max cen incisors4.5 mm
Max lat incisors4 mm
max canines4.5 mm
max 1st premolar4.5 mm
max 2nd premolar4.0 mm
mandibular incisors4.0 mm
mandibular canines4.5 mm
man 1st premolar4mm
man 2nd premolar3.5 mm

bracket color coding per quadrant of American Master series

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