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Interceptive treatment

Question Answer
Define: the treatment of developmental problems that if left untreated may require more extensive treatment if delayed until a later dateInterceptive Tx
Interceptive Treatment is usually undertaken during what stage of dentition?Mixed dentition (permanent and primary)
The term interceptive treatment is used interchangeably with Phase ____ treatmentPhase 1
Comprehensive treatment is often referred to as Phase _____ treatment and is undertaken with permanent dentition2
Patients should first be evaluated for ortho at 7 yo because which teeth have erupted and which teeth have begun to erupt?First molars erupted, incisors have begun to erupt
Most anterior crossbites that involve more than 1-2 teeth are ______ (skeletal/dental)Skeletal
Dental anterior crossbites are most likely due to ____ ____ deficienciesArch Length
Which is more stable following treatment for anterior cross-bite?.... skeletal crossbite or dental crossbite?Dental (skeletal is less stable bc grown pattern which caused will continue)
How many months does it take to correct posterior crossbite when treated at the opportune time?6 months (1-2 months expansion, 2-5 months retention)
T/F: jack screw appliances are not needed in children age 8-9 with need of arch expansionTrue (b/c little force is needed to open the mid palatal suture)
Rapid palatal Expansion is contraindicated for patients under 9... why?possibly injuring the nose with inferior displacement on the vomer bone
Jack screws and the Rapid Palatal Expander produces _________ to _________ lbs of pressure3-10 lbs
Every mm of palatal expansion creates ____ mm in arch perimeter0.7 mm
according to Herberger, ___ to ____% of the increase arch width was still evident 6 years post tx85-94%
for stability in arch expansion patients, we maintain appliances in the expanded positions for _________ months3 months
T/F: early treatment (interceptive tx) is indicated for Class 2 overjet patients based on outcomes of patients where treatment is initiated earlier (8-9) rather than later (12)False
When should the primary canine be extracted to avoid ectopic eruption of permanent canine?when more than half of the lateral root was overlapped (early extraction of the primary tooth resulted in a 64% chance of normal eruption and likely improvement of the position)
T/F: self correction occurs in approx. 2/3 of ectopic first molarsTrue (so 6 month period is indicated to see if it will correct itself)
What type of functional appliance therapy is used for Class 3 growth modification? up to what age?Reverse Pull Facemark; 10 yo
What is the average protraction (maxillary) achieved from Reverse pull face mask?3.3 mm
Chin cup therapy results in what directional effect?downward rotation of the mandible
finger habit is usually not of concern if it is discontinued by the age of ____ yo5
if finger habit is continued during the eruption of (which teeth) it can cause significant distortion of the dentition and dental archPermanent Incisors
How long should habit correction devices be worn after cessation of habit?8-10 months
tongue crib is ____% effective in treating a finger habit90%
Less than ___ mm maxillary midline diastema will close during the eruption of the canines< 2 mm
Greater than ____ mm maxillary midline diastema will not close spontaneously> 2 mm
When midline diastema is > 2 mm you should evaluate whether what two things are present?supernumerary tooth or odontoma
How long does it take to treat a midline diastema > 2 mm?3 months of treatment
Less than 2 mm maxillary midline diastema can be resolved with a ________ appliance with ______ movementsremovable; tipping
Greater than 2 mm maxillary midline diastema must be resolved with a ______ appliance and corrected with ______ movementsfixed; bodily movements
an unsupported elastic should never be looped around the central incisors... why?the elastic can slip apically and destroy the PDL, can result in extraction
one goal of interceptive serial extractions is to direct the permanent first premolars to erupt before which teeth?Canines (rarely a problem in the maxillary arch)
one goal of interceptive serial extractions is to direct the eruption of which teeth before permanent canines?Permanent First Premolars
severe crowding during mixed dentition, Arch Length Discrepency of ___ mm or greater, class 1/skeletal dental, and blocked out ______ incisors are indications for interceptive serial extraction10 mm or greater ALD; blocked out Lateral Incisors (insufficient space between primary canine and and permanent incisor leading to buccal or lingual eruption of permanent lateral incisor)
The treatment protocol of interceptive serial extraction is first the extraction of which teeth? then which teeth? then which teeth?extraction of primary canines (with 1-2 years), extraction of primary first molars (to encourage eruption of permanent first premolars), & extraction permanent first premolars
in cases that call for interceptive serial extraction... at what point should primary first molars be extracted?when 1/2-2/3 root development of permanent premolars (speeds up eruption of premolar)
by what age is there enough interdigitation of the bone spicules of the mid palatal suture that opening the suture requires micro-fractures and heavier force from a jack screw device is necessary9-10 yo
at age _____ if primary canine is not mobile and there is no observable facial canine bulge, radiographic intervention is recommended10 yo