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Orthodontic tooth movement is based on the principle that prolonged pressure causes ______ in the bone surrounding teethRemodeling
Orthodontic tooth movement is a function of the ______PDL
The PDL is ____ to _____ mm wide shock absorbing system that connects cementum to bone0.15-0.38 mm
Bite force lasts less than 1 second and it about _____ to _____ pounds per square inch75-150 lbs per square inch
Displacement of the tooth is prevented by the incompressible ____ bound to the PDL matrixFluid
Compression of pdl leads to ______; tension on the PDL leads to ______Resorption; Formation
Tongue pressure is opposed by ______ pressureLip pressure
In the _______ the tongue pressure is higher than the lip pressureMandible
in the _______ the lip press is higher than the tongue pressureMaxilla
The maxillary teeth have net inward force due to the _____; the mandibular teeth have net force outward force due to the ______Lips; Tongue
______ is the signaling control center for the bone response to forces applied to the toothPDL
PDL is composed mostly of _____ fibers, ______ substance, _____ and ______ elementsCollagen; Ground substance; Vacular & Neural elements
What is the source of progenitor cells for alveolar bone and cementum?PDL
What is the source of nutrients for the cementum and alveolusPDL
What are the most common cells in the PDL?Fibroblasts
There is _____ (high/low) protein turnover in the PDLHigh
PDL fibers are comprised primarily of Collagen type ____ but also ___ and ____1; 3 & 12
The _____ groups of PDL fibers run between tooth and bone. List all 5Principal groups; CHOAI (Crestal, Horizontal, Oblique, Apical, Interradicular)
The _____ groups of PDL fibers run within the gingiva. List all 5Gingival groups; TS, DG, AG, C, DP (Trans-septal, Dento-gingival, Alveolo-gingival, circular, dento-periosteal)
_______ fibers, a sepcific type of ______ fibers, connect teeth together tense fibers become stretched during mvmt and have memory to recoil and can resist mvmt and can reverse mvmt that you achieved, related to orthodontic relapseTranseptal; Gingival
_____ fibers connect cementum and bone... technically only the part going into boneSharpey's fibers
____% of the ground substance of PDL is water70%
Are the nerve fibers of the PDL that mediate pain myelinated?No (these are the most frequent)
Are the large proprioceptive fibers of the PDL Myelinated?Yes
What information do large myelinated nerve fibers of the PDL carry?Proprioception
What information do small myelinated nerve fibers of the PDL carry?Autonomic info (to blood vessels of PDL)
The ______ arteries pierce the cribriform plate into the PDL are supplied by the ______ arteriesHorizontal; Interalveolar
T/F: Tilting a tooth too much can kill it by cutting off its vascular supplyTrue
T/F: Tooth vascular supplies is diffused through the inter alveolar bone so no amount of tipping can compromise the tooth's blood supplyFalse (comes through apical foramen)
Embryonic origin of alveolar bone is the dental ______dental FOLLICLE
T/F: Force magnitude affects PDL VitalityTrue (disuse --> atrophy; Hyperfunction --> thickening)
Hyper function on the PDL (force magnitude) results in an increase in the ______ fiber group of the PDLPrincipal fibers (CHOAI)
All orthodontic tooth movement are due to _____ and _____ placed on different parts of the PDL on the same tooth... causing resorption and apposition respectivelyCompression; Tension
Which gingival fibers are thought to be a major factor in orthodontic relapse?Trans-septal
what is the Immediate progenitor cell of osteoblasts?Osteoprogenitor cell
T/F: Osteoclasts develop from osteoprogenitor cellsFalse (from monocytes)
what are the 2 Steps of bone formation by osteoblasts?Synthesize osteoid matrix; Mineralize it
Death of what cell type triggers bone resorption?Osteocytes
Howship's Lacunae is associated with what cell type?Osteoclasts (area of demineralization of an osteoclast)
3 types of bone in alveolar processAlveolar bone proper (aka cribriform plate, aka lamina dura), Spongiosa, & cortical plate (buccal and lingual)
T/F: Electric charge accumulates in bone in response to applied mechanical stressTrue (piezoelectric current-electricity generated by pressure )
Wolff’s law: Bone formation pattern depends on _____ ______mechanical load
______ (cell type) seem to be the moderators of bone remodeling based on their monitoring ability of the mechanical environment.Osteocytes (can induce osteoblasts and osteoclasts)
As force on PDL increases... blood vessels become more _______compressed (inducing --> ---> ---> resorption by osteoclasts)

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