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Teeth with perio attachment must be moved with _____ (heavy/light) forceslighter
Center of rotation moves in what direction with perio loss?Apically
limited ortho is primarily what type of tooth movement?tipping
either central incisor with decay ... what type of orthodontic tooth movement may benefit the interdisciplinary tx outcome?forced eruption
what is biological width defined as and how much do you need?definition is depth of sulcus to crestal bone height then 2 mm (if definition is gingival aspect of restoration prior to crown preparation spanning to crestal height of bone, then 5 mm)
following active ortho tx, full-time stabilization (retention) should last for at least ____ weeks12 weeks (3 months)
hyrax and quad helix are used for what purpose?palatal expansion
when should all kids be screened?I believe 7, to identify if there is need for interceptive tx (choices 7,11,13)
anterior crossbite is found when screening young child for ortho... when should it be treated?... is Phase 1 tx indicated? as soon as problem is identified; yes phase 1 (interceptive) treatment is indicated
when should you do interceptive serial extraction with severe crowding? and what should be extraction order?Arch Length Discrepancy of 10 mm or more, blocked out permanent lateral incisors; order: primary canines, primary 1st molars (when first premolars have 1/2-2/3rd root formation), first premolars
how many times a week should palatal expansion be activated?1-2x week
Palatal expansion... does it do dental movement, skeletal movement or both?Both
What is the eruption schedule for increased bone development (alveolar bone cultivation) with forced eruption1mm/month (slower eruption schedule for increased bone) (if goal is increased crown height then faster schedule... i think 1mm/week)
What tooth shape is best for inter proximal reduction?: Square, Triangualar, Barrel?Triangular
Which periodontal fibers are most resistant to reorganizationsupracrestal fibers
primary causative factor for relapse of mand anterior crowdingdue to mand jaw growth (mandibular advancement)
t/f: essix retainers prevent settling of dentitionTrue
length of retention: full-time wear ___ to ___ months then part-time wear _____ months3-4 months fulltime + up to 12 mo nightly
What is the mnemonic for evaluation of anterior crowding in limited cases?SOOF
angle’s class I skeletal and dental malocclusion with severe arch discrepancy =>what treatment?comprehensive (full) ortho and extractions
what option is there for adults with post crossbite?surgery (because bones have sealed)
What is the most retentive clasp used with active retainers?Adams Clasp
What type of wire is used during alignment stage?0.014" round NiTi archwire
Is anterior space closure appropriate limited tx for spacing that is not due to Bolton's discrepency?Yes (if it is due to bolton's then space distribution)
T/F: most adults including those who have ortho treatment and has perfectly aligned teeth end up with some crowing on lower incisorsTrue (due to mandibular growth)

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