Origins Spine&Trunk

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Erector Spinae Group (Spinals, Longissimus lliocostailis)Common tendon (thoracolumbar aponeurosis) that attaches to the posterior surface of sacrum, iliac crest, spinous processes of the lumbar and last two thoracic vertebrae
MultifidiSacrum and transverse processes of lumbar through cervical vertebrae
RotatoresTransverse process of lumbar through cervical vertebrae
Semispainalis CapitisTransverse processes of C-4 to T-5
Splenius CapitisInferior 1/2 of ligamentum nuchae and spinous process of C-7 to T-4
Splenius CervicisSpinous processes of T-3 to T-6
Quadratus LumborumPosterior iliac crest
Rectus AbdominisPubic crest, pubic symphysis
External ObliqueExternal surfaces of 5 to 12 ribs
Internal ObliqueLateral inguinal ligament, iliac crest and thoracolumbar fascia
Transverse AbdominisLateral inguinal ligament, iliac crest, thoracolumbar fascia and internal surof lower 6 ribs
DiaphragmCostal Attachment: Inner surface of lower 6 ribs...... Lumbar attachment: Upper 2 or 3 lumbar vertebrae... Sternal attachment: Inner part of xiphoid process.
External IntercostalsInferior border of the rib above
Internal IntercostalsInferior border of the rib above
Serratus Posterior SuperiorSpinous processes of C-7 to T-3
Serratus Posterior InferiorSpinous processes of T-12 to L-3
IntertransversariiCervical: Spanning the transverse processes of vertebrae C-2 to C-7..... Lumbar: Spanning the transverse process of vertebrae L-1 TO L-5
InterspinalisCervical: Spanning the spinous processes of C-2 TO T-3...... Lumbar: Spanning the spinous processes of T-12 to L-5
PyramidalisPubic symphysis
SpinalisSpinous processes of the upper lumbar and lower thoracic vertebrae (thoracis).... Ligamentum nuchae, spinous process of C-7 (Cervicis)
LongissimusCommon tendon (Thoracis)..... Transverse processes of upper five thoracic vertebrae (cervicis and capitis)
lliocostalisCommon tendon (lumborum)..... Posterior surface of ribs 1-12 (thoracis and cervicis)