Origins, Insertions, Innervation, Action of Lower Limb Muscles

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Section Origin

Question Answer
Gluteus maximusIlium, sacrum, coccyx, sacrotuberous ligament
Gluteus mediusIlium between iliac crest, anterior and posterior gluteal lines
Gluteus minimusIlium between anterior and inferior gluteal lines
Tensor fasciae lataeIliac crest, anterior-superior iliac spine
PiriformisPelvic surface of sacrum, sacrotuberous ligament
Obturator internusIschiopubic rami, obturator membrane
Superior gemellusIschial spine
Inferior gemellusIschial tuberosity
Quadratus femorisIschial tuberosity
SemitendinosusIschial tuberosity
SemimembranosusIschial tuberosity
Biceps femorisLong head from ischial tuberosity, short head from linea aspera and upper supracondylar line
IliacusIliac fossa, ala of sacrum
SartoriusAnterior-superior iliac spine
Rectus femorisAnterior-inferior iliac spine, posterior-superior rim of acetabulum
Vastus medialisIntertrochanteric line, linea aspera, medial intermuscular septum
Vastus lateralisIntertrochanteric line, greater trochanter, linea aspera, gluteal tuberosity, lateral intermuscular septum
Vastus intermediusUpper shaft of femur, lower lateral intermuscular septum
Adductor longusBody of pubis below its crest
Adductor brevisBody and inferior pubic ramus
Adductor magnusIschiopubic ramus, ischial tuberosity
PectineusPectineal line of pubis
GracilisBody and inferior pubic ramus
Obturator externusMargin of obturator foramen and obturator membrane
Tibialis AnteriorLateral tibial condyle, interosseous membrane
Extensor hallucis longusMiddle half of anterior surface of fibula, interosseous membrane
Extensor digitorum longusLateral tibial condyle, upper 2/3 of fibula, interosseous membrane
Peroneus (Fibularis) tertiusDistal 1/3 of fibula, interosseous membrane
Peroneus (Fibularis) longusLateral tibial condyle, head and upper lateral side of fibula
Peroneus (Fibularis) brevisLower lateral side of fibula, intermuscular septa
GastrocnemiusLateral and medial femoral condyles
SoleusUpper fibular head, soleal line on tibia
PlantarisLower lateral supracondylar line
PopliteusLateral condyle of femur, popliteal ligament
Flexor hallucis longusLower 2/3 of fibula, interosseous membrane, intermuscular septa
Flexor digitorum longusMiddle posterior aspect of tibia
Tibialis posteriorInterosseous membra,e upper parts of tibia and fibula
Extensor digitorum brevisDorsal surface of calcaneus
Extensor hallucis brevisDorsal surface of calcaneus
Abductor hallucisMedial tubercle of calcaneus
Flexor digitorum brevisMedial tubercle of calcaneus
Abductor digiti minmiiMedial and lateral tubercles of calcaneus
Quadratus plantaeMedial and lateral side of calcaneus
LumbricalsTendons of flexor digitorum longus
Flexor hallucis brevisCuboid, third cuneiform
Adductor hallucis oblique headBases of metatarsals 2-4
Adductor hallucis transverse headCapsule of lateral four metatarsophalangeal joints
Flexor digit minimi brevisBase of metatarsal 5
Plantar interosseiMedial sides of metatarsals 3-5
Dorsal interosseiAdjacent shafts of metatarsals

Section Insertion

Question Answer
Gluteus maximusGluteal tuberosity, iliotibial tract
Gluteus mediusGreater trochanter
Gluteus minimusGreater trochanter
Tensor fasciae lataeIliotibial tract
PiriformisUpper end of greater trochanter
Obturator internusGreater trochanter
Superior gemellusObturator internus tendon
Inferior gemellusObturator internus tendon
Quadratus femorisIntertrochanteric crest
SemitendinosusMedial surface of upper part of tibia
SemimembranosusMedial condyle of tibia
Biceps femorisHead of fibula
IliacusLesser trochanter
SartoriusUpper medial side of tibia
Rectus femorisBase of patella, tibial tuberosity
Vastus medialisMedial side of patella, tibial tuberosity
Vastus lateralisLateral side of patella, tibial tuberosity
Vastus intermediusUpper border of patella, tibial tuberosity
Adductor longusMiddle 1/3 of linea aspera
Adductor brevisPectineal line, upper part of linea aspera
Adductor magnusLinea aspera, medial supracondylar line, adductor tubercle
PectineusPectineal line of femur
GracilisMedial surface of upper quarter of tibia
Obturator externusIntertrochanteric fossa of femur
Tibialis AnteriorFirst cuneiform, first metatarsal
Extensor hallucis longusBase of distal phalanx of big toe
Extensor digitorum longusBases of middle and distal phalanges
Peroneus (Fibularis) tertiusBase of fifth metatarsal
Peroneus (Fibularis) longusBase of first metatarsal, medial cuneiform
Peroneus (Fibularis) brevisBase of fifth metatarsal
GastrocnemiusPosterior aspect of calcaneus via tendo calcaneus
SoleusPosterior aspect of calcaneus via tendo calcaneus
PlantarisPosterior surface of calcaneus
PopliteusUpper posterior side of tibia
Flexor hallucis longusBase of distal phalanx of big toe
Flexor digitorum longusDistal phalanges of lateral four toes
Tibialis posteriorTuberosity of navicular, sustentacula tali, three cuneiforms, cuboid, bases of metatarsals 2-4
Extensor digitorum brevisTendons of extensor digitorum longus
Extensor hallucis brevisBase of proximal phalanx of big toe
Abductor hallucisBase of proximal phalanx of big toe
Flexor digitorum brevisMiddle phalanges of lateral four toes
Abductor digiti minimiProximal phalanx of little toe
Quadratus plantaeTendons of flexor digitorum longus
LumbricalsProximal phalanges, extensor expansion
Flexor hallucis brevisProximal phalanx of big toe
Adductor hallucis oblique headProximal phalanx of big toe
Adductor hallucis transverse headProximal phalanx of big toe
Flexor digit minimi brevisProximal phalanx of little toe
Plantar interosseiMedial sides of base of proximal phalanges 3-5
Dorsal interosseiPRoximal phalanges of second toe (medial and lateral sides) and third and fourth toes (lateral side)

Section Innervation

Question Answer
Gluteus maximusInferior gluteal
Gluteus mediusSuperior gluteal
Gluteus minimusSuperior gluteal
Tensor fasciae lataeSuperior gluteal
PiriformisSacral (S1-S2)
Obturator internusNerve to obturator internus
Superior gemellusNerve to obturator internus
Inferior gemellusNerve to quadratus femoris
Quadratus femorisNerve to quadratus femoris
SemitendinosusTibial portion of sciatic nerve
SemimembranosusTibial portion of sciatic nerve
Biceps femorisTibial (long head) and common peroneal (short head) divisions of Sciatic nerve
Rectus femorisFemoral
Vastus medialisFemoral
Vastus lateralisFemoral
Vastus intermediusFemoral
Adductor longusObturator
Adductor brevisObturator
Adductor magnusPosterior Obturator and sciatic (tibial part)
PectineusObturator and femoral
Obturator externusPosterior branch of Obturator
Tibialis AnteriorDeep peroneal (fibular)
Extensor hallucis longusDeep peroneal (fibular)
Extensor digitorum longusDeep peroneal (fibular)
Peroneus (Fibularis) tertiusDeep peroneal (fibular)
Peroneus (Fibularis) longusSuperficial peroneal (fibular)
Peroneus (Fibularis) brevisSuperficial peroneal (fibular)
Flexor hallucis longusTibial
Flexor digitorum longusTibial
Tibialis posteriorTibial
Extensor digitorum brevisDeep peroneal
Extensor hallucis brevisDeep peroneal
Abductor hallucisMedial plantar
Flexor digitorum brevisMedial plantar
Abductor digiti miniLateral plantar
Quadratus plantaeLateral plantar
LumbricalsFirst by medial plantar, lateral three by lateral plantar
Flexor hallucis brevisMedial plantar
Adductor hallucis oblique headLateral plantar
Adductor hallucis transverse headLateral plantar
Flexor digit minimi brevisLateral plantar
Plantar interosseiLateral plantar
Dorsal interosseiLateral plantar

Section Action

Question Answer
Gluteus maximusExtends and rotates thigh laterally
Gluteus mediusAbducts and rotates thigh medially, stabilizes pelvis
Gluteus minimusAbducts and rotates thigh medially
Tensor fasciae lataeFlexes, abducts, and rotates thigh medially
PiriformisRotates thigh laterally
Obturator internusAbducts and rotates thigh laterally
Superior gemellusRotates thigh laterally
Inferior gemellusRotates thigh laterally
Quadratus femorisRotates thigh laterally
SemitendinosusExtends thigh, flexes and rotates leg medially
SemimembranosusExtends thigh, flexes and rotates leg medially
Biceps femorisExtends thigh, flexes and rotates leg laterally
IliacusFlexes thigh (with psoas major)
SartoriusFlexes and rotates thigh laterally, flexes and rotates leg medially
Rectus femorisFlexes thigh, extends leg
Vastus medialisExtends leg
Vastus lateralisExtends leg
Vastus intermediusExtends leg
Adductor longusAdducts and flexes thigh
Adductor brevisAdducts and flexes thigh
Adductor magnusAdducts, flexes, and extends thigh
PectineusAdducts and flexes thigh
GracilisAdducts and flexes thigh, flexes and rotates leg medially
Obturator externusRotates thigh medially
Tibialis AnteriorDorsiflexes and inverts foot
Extensor hallucis longusExtends big toe, dorsiflexes and inverts foot
Extensor digitorum longusExtends toes, dorsiflexes and everts foot
Peroneus (Fibularis) tertiusDorsiflexes and everts foot
Peroneus (Fibularis) longusEverts and plantar flexes foot
Peroneus (Fibularis) brevisEverts and plantar flexes foot
GastrocnemiusFlexes knee, plantar flexes foot
SoleusPlantar flexes foot
PlantarisFlexes leg, plantar flexes foot
PopliteusFlexes by unlocking knee and rotates leg medially
Flexor hallucis longusPlantar flexes foot, flexes distal phalanx of big toe
Flexor digitorum longusFlexes lateral four toes, plantar flexes foot
Tibialis posteriorPlantar flexes and inverts foot
Extensor digitorum brevisExtends toes
Extensor hallucis brevisExtends big toe
Abductor hallucisAbducts big toe
Flexor digitorum brevisFlexes middle phalanges of lateral four toes
Abductor digiti minimiAbducts little toe
Quadratus plantaeAids in flexing toes
LumbricalsFlex metatarsophalangeal joints and extend interphalangeal joints
Flexor hallucis brevisFlexes big toe
Adductor hallucis oblique headAdducts big toe
Adductor hallucis transverse headAdducts big toe
Flexor digit minimi brevisFlexes little toe
Plantar interosseiAdduct toes, flex proximal and extend distal phalanges
Dorsal interosseiAbduct toes, flex proximal and extend distal phalanges