Origins, insertions and actions of the muscles of the arm

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Origins Insertions And Actions of Muscles of the Arm


Biceps BrachiiScapulaTop of the radius and the bicipital aponeurosis to the medial part of the forearmFlexes the elbow, supinates the forearm, assists in flexion of the shoulder joint
BrachialisHumerusUlnaFlexes the elbow
BrachioradialisLaterally at the distal end of the humerusLaterally at the distal end of the radiusFlexion when the forearm is semi-pronated (as in a drinking action). Assists other flexors
Triceps BrachiiLong head on the scapula just above the shoulder joint. Other 2 heads on the posterior of the humerusOlecranon process of the ulnaExtension of the elbow. Assists in shoulder extension and adduction (long head only)

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