Origins Insertions And Actions Of Muscles

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Origins Insertions And Actions of Muscles of the Head and Neck


Epicranius(frontal belly)anterior margin of galea aponeuroticaon skin of the eyebrow and root of the nosewrinkles forehead and moves scalp
Epicranius(occipitall belly)on occipital and temporal boneon posterior margin of galea aponeuroticawrinkles forehead and moves scalp
Orbicularis oculion medial bones of the orbit (frontal and maxillary bones)on tissue of the eyelidsclose eyes (blink, wink, squint)
Orbicularis orison fascia surrounding the lipson muscosa of lipscloses mouth, forms words, purses lips (kissing)
Buccinatoron maxilla and mandibleon orbularis oris musclescompresses the cheek (moves food around in your mouth)
Sternocleidomastoidon sternum and clavicleon mastoid process of temporal boneturns head sideways, flexes the neck and head