Origins Insertions And Actions Of Muscles

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Origins Insertions And Actions of Muscles of the lower extremity and posterior abdominal wall

Satoriousiliac spine of pelvic bonesurface upper tibiaflexion of hip & knee
Gluteus maximussurface of ilium sacrumgluteal tuberosity of femurexternal rotation & extension of hip joint
Gluteus mediusunder gluteus maximusgreater tronchanter of femurabduction of hip prevent adduction
Gluteus minimusanterior and inferior of gluteal linegreater tronchanter of femurabduction of hip prevent adduction
Hamstringtuberosity of ischiumtibia and fibulaflexion of knee
Gracilisischiopubic ramustibiaflexes medially rotates adducts nerve
Pectineuspectineal line of pubic bonepectineal line of femurflexion and abduction of thigh
Adductor longuspubic body below pubic crestmiddle third of linea asperaadduction of hip flexion of hip joint
Rectus femorisanterior inferior iliac spinepatellar tendonknee extension
Vastus lateralisgreater tronchanterpatella via quadriceps tendonextends and stabilizes knee
Vastus medialismedial side of femurquadriceps tendonextends leg
Vastus intermediuslateral femurquadriceps tendonextends knee joint
Biceps femorsistuberosity of ischiumhead of fibulaflexes knee joint
Semitendinoustuberosity of ischiumtibiaflexion of knee
Soleustibula, medial border of tibiacalcaneusplantarflexion
Tensor fasciae lataeiliac crestIliotibial tractThigh - flexion, medial rotation, abduction.
Biceps femoristuberosity of the ischium, linea aspera, femurhead of the fibulaflexes knee joint
Semimembranosusischial tuberosityMedial condyle of tibiaExtension of hip and flexion of knee
Tibialis anteriorUpper 1/2 & Lateral Condyle of Tibiafirst metatarsal bones of the footDorsiflexion and Inversion of the foot
Gastrocnemiussuperior to articular surfaces of lateral condyle of femurcalcaneusplantar flexes foot, flexes knee
Extensor digitorum longus Lateral condyle of tibia; shaft of fibula; interosseous membrane Middle and distal phalanges II-V Extend toes; dorsiflex ankle
Extensor hallucis longus Anterior middle shaft of fibula Distal phalanx I Extend hallux; dorsiflex ankle
Tibialis anterior Lateral condyle, proximal lateral shaft of tibia Medial tarsal; metatarsal I Dorsiflex, invert ankle
Gastrocnemius Condyles, popliteal surface, lateral supracondylar line of femur Calcaneus Plantar flex ankle; flex knee
Soleus Head, proximal surface, lateral supracondylar line of femur Calcaneus Plantar flex ankle
Plantaris Lateral supracondylar line of femur Calcaneus Plantar flex ankle; flex knee
Flexor digitorum longus Posterior shaft of tibia Distal phalanges II-V Flex toes II-V
Flexor hallucis longus Distal shaft of fibula; interosseous membrane Distal phalanx I Flex hallux
Tibialis posterior Proximal posterior shaft of tibia and fibula; interosseous membrane Tarsals; metatarsals II-V Invert, plantar flex, pronate ankle
Fibularis brevis Distal lateral shaft of fibula Base of metatarsal V Evert ankle
Fibularis longus Head, proximal lateral shaft of fibula Medial tarsal; metatarsal I Evert, plantar flex ankle

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