Origins Insertions And Actions Of Muscles

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Origins Insertions And Actions of Muscles of the Shoulder


TrapeziusOccipital bone, Spinous process of thoracic vertebraeLateral third of clavicle; acromion and spine of scapulaStabilizes, elevates, depresses and retracts (adducts) scapula; extends head
Latissimus DorsiSpines of lower six thoracic vertebrae; lumbar vertebrae; lower four ribs; iliac crestIntertubercular sulcus of humerusExtends arm; adducts arm; rotates arm medially
DeltoidAcromion and spine of scapula; lateral third of clavicleDeltoid tuberosity of humerusAbducts arm
Pectoralis MajorSternal end of clavicle, sternum, and first to seventh costal cartilagesGreater tubercle of humerusFlexes arm; adducts arm; rotates arm medially
Biceps BrachiiCoracoid process of scapula; supraglenoid tubercle of scapulaRadial tuberosity of radiusFlexes forearm
SartoriusAnterior superior iliac spineMedial surface of proximal tibiaFlexes thigh; rotates thigh laterally; flexes leg