Origins Insertions And Actions Of Muscles

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Origins Insertions And Actions of Muscles of the Shoulder


Trapeziusexternal occipital protuberance, Spinous process of C7-T12, ligamentum nuchaeClavical, Acromium process and Spine of the scapulaeElevates, depress, retract/adduct & rotate scapulae, elevate clavicle
Levator ScapulaeTransverse processes of C1-C4superior angle of scapulaeElevates scapulae
Rhomboideus MajorSpinous Process of T2-T5Medial border of scapulae below root of spineRetracts & elevates scapulae
Rhomboideus MinorSpinous Processes of C7-T1Medial Border of scapula at root of spineRetracts and Elevates Scapulae
Serratus Anteriorribs 1-8 along lateral chest wallanterior surface (medial border) of scapulaeprotracts shoulder
Pectoralis Majorsterum, ribs 1-7, claviclelateral lip of intertubercular groovedepresses/protracts shoulders
Pectoralis Minorribs 3-5coracoid process....
Latissimus Dorsithoracolumbar fasciafloor of intertubercular grooveDeltoid
Deltoidspine of scapula, acromion, clavicledeltoid tuberosity