Origins Foot, Ankle, and Knee

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Vastus MedialisMedial lip of linea aspera
Vastus LateralisLateral lip of linea aspera, gluteal tuberosity and greater trochanter
Vastus IntermediusAnterior and lateral shaft of the femur
Flexor Hallucis LongusMiddle half of posterior fibula
Flexor Digitorum LongusMiddle, posterior surface of tibia
PlantarisLateral supracondylar line of femur
Tibialis PosteriorProximal, posterior shafts of tibia and fibula: and interosseous membrane
Extensor Hallucis LongusMiddle anterior surface of fibula and interosseous membrane
Extensor Digitorum LongusLateral condyle of tibia; proximal, anterior shaft of fibula and interosseous membrane
Tibialis AnteriorLateral condyle of tibia; proximal, lateral surface of tibia and interosseous membrane
Peroneus BrevisDistal 2/3 of lateral fibula
Peroneus LongusHead of fibula and proximal 2/3 of lateral fibula
PopliteusLateral condyle of the femur
SoleusSoleal line; proximal, posterior surface of tibia and posterior aspect of head of fibula
GastrocnemiusCondyles of the femur, posterior surfaces
Semitendinosus, SemimembranosusIschial tuberosity
Rectus FemorisAnterior inferior iliac spine (AIIS)
GracilisInferior ramus of pubis
SartoriusAnterior superior iliac spine (ASIS)
Biceps FemorisLong head: Ischial Tuberosity........... Short Head: Lateral lip of linea aspera

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