Origin, Insertion, Action, Antagonist, and Synergist of 3 Muscles

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Biceps Brachii OriginShort head attaches at-coracoid process. Long head attaches at-supraglenoid tubercle
Biceps Brachii InsertionTuberosity of radius
Biceps Brachii ActionFlexion at shoulder and elbow; supination
Biceps Brachii AntagonistTriceps brachii muscle
Biceps Brachii SynergistBrachialis

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Rectus Abdominis OriginAttaches to-superior surface of pubis around symphysis
Rectus Abdominis InsertionAttaches to-inferior surfaces of costal cartliages (ribs 5-7) and the xiphoid process
Rectus Abdominis ActionDepresses ribs and flexes vertebral vertebrae
Rectus Abdominis AntagonistErector Spinae muscles
Rectus Abdominis SynergistDiaphragm and Pyramidalis

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Rectus Femoris OriginAttaches to-anterior inferior iliac spine and superior acetabular rim of ilium
Rectus Femoris InsertionAttaches to-Tibial tuberosity by way of patellar ligament
Rectus Femoris ActionExtension at knee and flexion at hip
Rectus Femoris AntagonistGluteus Minimus
Rectus Femoris SynergistGluteus Maximis