Orgo vocab ch.2

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Question Answer
AlcoholCompound w/OH group ⇒ in place of H on alkane
AlkaneHydrocarbon with only Single bonds
Alkyl Halidecompound w/halogen in place of H on alkane
Alkyl substituentWhen you Remove H from an alkane, resulting substituent
SubstituentA replacement group on an atom or molecule
Aminea compound in which an H in the NH3 is replaced by an alkyl substituent
Angle strainMolecular strain that happens when the bond angles are distorted
Anti ConformerMost stable, when the large substituent baggage is bonded to 2 carbons OPPOSITE EACH OTHER
Axial BondUp/ Down bond, chair form of cyclohexane (perpendicular to the plane)
Banana BondsSmall ring bonds that are slightly bent as a result of overlapping orbitals at an angle (not overlapping head on).
Boat ConformationCyclohexane in Boat shape, rocking boats.
Boiling PointThe temperature at which vapour pressure of liquid = atomos. pressure
Chair Conformationmost stable cyclohexane. In chair shape.
Cis Fused2 rings fused ⇒ 2nd ring ends up as substituent group of on first ring. AND, on Same Side.
Cis IsomerIsomer w/both hydrogens on the same side of the DB=.
Compare cis vs trans isomersOn longest chain w/db ⇒ If 2 groups (attached to the carbons of the double bond) are on the SAME side of the db, then isomer is a cis alkene. If the 2 grps lie on Opposite sides of the db, then isomer is a transalkene.
Constitutional isomersstructural isomers. molecules w/same formula ⇒ but different connections.
Cycloalkanealkane w/carbon chair in a closed chain.

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