Orgo 2 Final Review

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What product do you get when you add water to a carboxylic acid derivitive?carboxilic acid
What two types of nucleophiles add twice to carboxyl acid derivitives?Carbon (grignards) and H (LiAlH4 or NaBH4) nucleophiles
What do you get when you ad an alcohol to a carboxilic acid dervivtave?Ester
How would you substitute an OH at an aromatic carbon for OR?cat. acid and ROH
What are the three main types of carboxilic acid PGs?Esters (most common), benzyl esters (OCH2PH), t-butyl esters
How do you protect an OH by changing it to an OCH31. CH3OH & HCl 2. adjust pH
How to you put a benzyl ester PG on an OH?1. PhCH2OH, HCl 2. adjust pH
How do you put a t-butyl ester PG on an OH?1. Tertbutyl alcohol, HCl 2. adjust pH
What is CBz?PhCH2O
What is BOC?t-butyl carbomate
How do you turn C=O into H and OH? (Two ways)1. NaBH4 2. H2O OR 1.LiAlH4 in diethyl ether 2. H3O+
How do you turn a primary alcohol into an aldehyde?pyridine and CrO3Cl- (PCC)
How do you turn a secondary alcohol into a ketone?pyridine and CrO3Cl- (PCC)
How do you add an OH anti-mark to a C=C1.BH3 2.H2O2 and NaOH
How to you go from a primary alcohol to a carboxilic acid?Jones = CrO3 H2SO4 H2O
How do you remove a ketal/acetal to go back to a ketone/aldehyde?cat acid and H2O

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