Organisations and Reports

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Reports and Organisations

Gender Equality IndexUNDP
Levels and trends in child mortality reportUN Inter Agency group
Global Economic prospectsWorld bank
Ease of Doing BusinessWorld bank
World Development ReportWorld bank
World Economic OutlookIMF
Global Competitiveness reportWorld Economic Forum
Global Risks ReportWorld Economic Forum
Travel and Tourism IndexWorld Economic Forum
Environmental performance indexWEF + Yale
Global Information and Communication IndexWorld Economic Forum
Global Gender Gap IndexWorld Economic Forum
Global Talent Competitiveness indexINSEAD - European Biz school
Global Innovation indexINSEAD + Cornell +WIPO
World Investment report - India 1 in FDIUN Conference on Trade and Development UNCTAD
Carbon Emission IndexUNFCCC
Living Planet reportWWF
Energy reportWWF
Global Terrorism Index - India 6th most affectedInstitute for Economics and Peace
Global Peace IndexInstitute for Economics and Peace
Corruption Perception IndexTransparency International - Berlin based NGO
Press Freedom IndexReporters Without Borders France based NGO
Change the world list dataFortune 500
Anti Doping reportWorld AntiDoping Agency WADA
World Happiness reportGlobal initiative of UN - SDSN - Sustainable development Solution Network
Global resilience indexFM Global
Adaptation Gap ReportUNEP
Report on Regular ResourcesUNICEF (United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund)
Global Environment OutlookUNEP (United Nations Environment Programme)

Reports and Parameters

Gender Inequality Index UNDP 2014 - 130/155MMR, Adolescent birth ,seats in parliament ,secondary education, labour force participation
Human Development Report UNDP 2015 130/188Life Expectancy, Literacy, Per Capita Income
World Happiness reportGDP Per capita ,life expectancy, social support, freedom
Global resilience indexEconomic,risk quality and supply chain factors