Organisation of the Cell

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Question Answer
CytoplasmContained within the whole cell membrane.
CytosolIntra-cellular fluid that is present within cells.
CiliaMoves rhythmically to move materials.
MicrovilliIncreases surface area to facilitate absorption of extracellular materials.
CentrioleCellular origin point for microtubules extending outward as cilia/flagella.
MitochondriaProduces ATP required by the cell.
LysosomesContains enzymes that break down and digest unneeded cellular components.
Plasma membraneResponsible for isolation, protection, sensitivity, structural support, and controlling entry and exit of materials.
PeroxisomesConsists of enzymes that transfer H atoms to produce hydrogen peroxide, to neutralise poisons such as alcohol; Performs lipid metabolism and chemical detoxification.
RibosomesSite of protein synthesis.
Golgi apparatusModifies and stores hormones and enzymes, packages secretory products and lysosomal enzymes.
NucleolusManufactures the RNA necessary for construction of ribosomes.
NucleusIs the control centre of the cell.
Endoplasmic reticulumSynthesises secretory products, intracellular storage and transport, and detoxification of drugs/toxins.
ChromosomesComposed of DNA and proteins.