Organic Solution Tests

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Question Answer
1-AlkynesTollens' reagent (silver-diamine complex Ag(NH3)2)
produces a white precipitate
Unsaturated HydrocarbonsReacts with Br in an addition reaction, decolourising the brown solution
AlkanolsDry with CaCl2. Will react with sodium -
2ROH + 2Na --> 2RONa+ + H2
Reducing SugarsBenedict's solution is an alkaline solution containing Cu2+ ions.
Will create brick-red cloudiness when heated w/.

In Tollens' reagant, will precipitate solid Ag
Reagant composed of silver + ammonia in water
StarchAdd iodine to create a blue-black complex
CelluloseTreat with acid, then add iodine to create a blue-black complex
CarbohydratesAdd aqueous phenol, then HCl.
The HCl partially dehydrates the molecule.
It then reacts w/ phenol to form a brownish red compound.
GlycogenForms a pale pink solution w/ starch
Fats & OilsSaponification
Mix w/ NaOH-, gently heat
If solution becomes homogeneous, acidify to produce a precipitate.
Proteins & Amino AcidsNinhydrin, turns purple
Peptide Bonds (Proteins)Biuret Test
Add CuSO4 in a basic (NaOH-) solution
Forms purple complex
OrganicCan be made to burn/combust, producing CO2 or CO + soot.

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