Organic Chemistry Redox Reactions

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Section 1

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Hydrogenation of AlkenesH2 & Pd/C -> Alkane
Hydrogenation of AlkynesH2 & Pd/C -> Alkane (2 additions of H2) | H2 & Lindlar's Catalyst -> cis-Alkene (1 addition of H2)
Hydrogenation of CarbonylsH2 & Pd/C -> Alcohol (For Ketones & Aldehydes only)
Reduction of Alkyl Halides & Epoxides1) LiAlH4 2) H2O -> (Sn2) LG replaced with H for Alkyl Halides | In Epoxides, ring opens & alcohol forms

Section 2

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Epoxidation of AlkenesmCPBA -> Epoxide (Syn addition) & Carboxylic Acid
Anti Dihydroxylation of Alkenes1) mCPBA 2) H2O (Epoxide forms, for H3O+, Nu attacks more substituted, for OH- less substituted side)
Syn Dihydroxylation of Alkenes1) OsO4 2) H2O, NaHSO3
Ozonolysis of Alkenes1) O3 2) Zn, H2O (Breaks alkene at double bond and 2 O's added to form 2 carbonyls)
Oxidation of Primary AlcoholsPCC in Dichloromethane gives Aldehyde | Jones reagent (CrO3 & H2O and H2SO4) gives Carboxylic Acid
Oxidation of Secondary AlcoholsJones or PCC both give a Ketone

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