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Mitochondria structuredouble membranes, dynamic structure
Mitochondria functioncellular resp. ATP synthesis, powerhouse of cell
Ribosome structurebound to ER, free in cytoplasm
Ribosome functionsite of protein synthesis
Rough ER structureexternally studded w ribosomes, coils thru cytoplasm
Rough ER functionsynthesizes phospholipids
Smooth ER structure system of sacs and tubules
Smooth ER functionlipid and steroid synthesis, lipid metabolism, drug detox
Smooth ER does not contain...ribosomes bc cannot synthesis proteins
Golgi apparatus structurestack of flattened membranes, vesicles close to the nucleus
Golgi apparatus functionvesicles move from cis face thru Golgi and out the trans face
Golgi apparatus associated with the...endocrine system
Peroxisome structuremembranous sac of catalase and oxidase enzymes
Peroxisome functiondetoxify toxic substance
Peroxisome associated with the... liver and muscle tissue
Lysosome structuremembranous sac containing acid hydrolases
Lysosome functionsite of intracellular digestion
Lysosome associated with the...lymphatic system

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Cytoskeleton provide a skeleton for the cell
Motor proteins allow for movement within the cell
Microfilaments (Actin) structuretwisted chains of actin subunits
Microfilaments (Actin) function cell mobility
Intermediate Filaments structurecoiled composed of subunits from keratin
Intermediate Filaments functionreinforce cell shape

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Microtubules structurehollow rods composed of the protein tubulin
Centriolesseparation of chromosomes during cell divison
Ciliamove material along surface
Flagellapropel the cell thru environment ex. sperm
Microvilliincreases surface area for absoption

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Nuclear envelopedouble membrane separates nucleus from cytoplasm
Nuclear porespermit the passage of material out of the nucleus
Nucleoliregions that contains rRNA
DNA stores instructions for making proteins
Chromatinnon-dividing cells, DNA loosely coiled around histones
Chromosomesdividing cells are packaged compactly into chromosomes

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