Organelles To Know

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Section 1

Question Answer
ribosomesmakes proteins
cell membraneseperates the cell contentand allows substances in and out of the cell.
nucleusmembrane bound and houses the cells hereditary information
nuclear envelopedouble membrane surrounding the nucleus/protects
nuclear poreallows substances in and out of the nucleus
chromosomes( DNA)genetic/hereditary info.
smooth ERmakes lipids, detoxifies alchohol
Rough ERmakes proteins that go in and out of the cell (antibodies)

Section 2

Question Answer
Golgi apparatussorts and packages proteins
vesiclestransports substances to from the golgi
mitochondriamakes ATP/the powerhouse of the cell
cytoplasm/cytosolarea, space, or fluid inside the cell
lysosomescontains enzymes to digest biomolocules/ phagocytosis
food vaccuole(animal) holds food for the cell
cell wall(plant) made of cellulose/ gives extra support
chloroplast(plant) green particle/ the site of photosynthesis
central vaccouleyeet